Menu Monday!

This last week was busy. I had grandkids here for a couple days and that always keeps me on my toes! I made one change from the planned menu. I was planning on having a few extra people over for dinner and decided instead of my planned cranberry chicken I'd make meatloaf and a potato casserole. I served it with green beans and a salad.

In light of that the cranberry chicken is going to be tonight's dinner. I was going to cook it in my dutch oven, but I'll be busy grocery shopping and running errands today so I'm doing it in the crockpot. If it turns out good, I'll share it.

One meal from last week that was a huge hit with my family was the Hawaiian Meatballs. They were so easy to make. I'll share about this one tomorrow.

The rest of the week is looking like this:

Fish Sticks
Costco makes some really good quality fish sticks. My family always enjoys them. I'll make mac & cheese to with them and serve some veggies on the side.

Sausage Potato Soup
This is one of my favorite soups to make. I'll make it even quicker and simpler by using a couple bags of frozen hash browns (the little cube type). I'll serve this with biscuits and salad.

Pork Chops
Not sure yet how I'll make these. My favorite way is to roast them in my roaster oven and season them with salt, pepper, garlic, Italian seasonings, and a bit of Braggs Liquid Aminos. Super good and easy. I've also been wanting to make some beans (white beans seasoned with salt, pepper, tomatoes, brown sugar, molasses to give them a baked bean taste) and this seems like a great meal to have with beans. I'll serve some rice and veggies with this too.

This should do it for us for the week!



  1. Just came across your website and really enjoy it. I also home schooled my kids and have a husband who works odd hours thus eating holiday meals on different days etc. I also love homemaking, cooking, crocheting, all of it. Your site is down to earth and real, I still like the Pioneer Woman but find it's becoming too big for my tastes, too much advertising etc. So glad I found you! Fun to read and browse through. Thanks!


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