Internet Issues and Winter Weather

I'm back online!! Woo Hoo!! I changed my ISP on Monday, they said they would send the modem overnight.. and there would be no interruption in my service which was set to start on Tuesday... Unfortunately we had no internet access on Tuesday.. and my modem did not arrive.. I called.. they said it would be here on Wednesday.. It did arrive and then I had to wait for IT son #1 to come home.. he got it set up but could not get it to talk to the router.. waited for IT son #2 to come home... he got that working and we are back in business now. The only thing worse than being without internet for 2 days is no electricity.. thankfully I had that.. :)

I had to laugh a bit. Whenever I go on vacation I make of point of leaving the internet world behind and I don't have any issues with it. And to top it off, 20 years ago there was no internet in my house. But when I lose it I realize how much I appreciate it. It was a challenging couple of days. I'm thankful for all the internet provides, the information, the connection with friends and family, the encouragement, and the ability to encourage others. I'm just happy it's back on. :)

Next update is, winter is here in my part of the world. We woke up yesterday morning to most everything covered in ice. My boys needed to get to work. The hardest part of the drive is getting to the main highway. They deice the main roads. One by one they left yesterday morning after thawing out their windshields and warming up their cars. They took it real slow on the drive down to the hwy. They made it to work without issue. My youngest son called me when he got to work just so I would not worry. Gotta love this young man.

Aside from praying for the safety of my kids (and my hubby as he heads to work today) as they drive these roads the only other thing we can do is keep the wood stove burning and embrace the season. I took a couple pics of my icy property today...

Hope you all are staying warm!!


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