Wednesday on the Homestead


Our Wednesday has been much less hectic than are Tuesday was. We started off Tuesday by finding the mama goat that I had figured was not going to deliver this year, had delivered quads! Unfortunately one was dead and was not looking too great. The other two were doing fine. We brought the one that was not doing well up to the house. We hand fed her colustrum from mama with a dropper and it seemed like it was perking up and was doing better but despite all our effort never made it through the night .. so another sad face..  the realities of farm life…  That made a total of 11 kids born on the farm this year. . I still have 3 kids from earlier births that I need to get sold and try and decide if I want to keep these two little does or sell them and the mama goat too. That would certainly thin down the herd which has been my goal this year.


I took Emily into the doctor today. On Monday night her eyes were red and yucky looking, matted together .. classic signs of pink eye. I was a bit concerned about the little babies she cares for. So Leanne took her place on Tuesday (and today) and I tried to get her into the doctor’s office, but they were booked. Today I got in. The doctor said it could be pink eye caused by allergies but gave us some antibiotic ointment anyway due to her job caring for the babies. We would feel badly if we spread something. However I tend to agree about the allergies being the cause as no one else in the house has the pink eye which seems to spread pretty easily. She is dealing with her allergies a lot right now so we got another prescription of alegra and flonase and tomorrow she will be back caring for the babies. 


The girls did their cleaning job yesterday and I took the younger kids to the library to get their prizes for the summer reading program and then down the park so they could wade around in the lake.   Then before picking up the girls I ran to a friend’s house and picked up my Pampered Chef’s order.


Today I have had time to take care of my home. Which is so nice.  Emily, not being one to sit idly, decided to make a peanut butter pie for us for dessert. This one looks yummy. We are always striving for recipes that don’t call for cool whip (nasty stuff, from a health perspective ) and that always seems to be the common ingredient in peanut butter pie.. well, her experiment today looks good! The girls tried the beaters and said it tasted good too! If this one turns out I will post the recipe. She even started off by first making the graham crackers and after they cooled she crushed them to make the crust. We find pie crusts made with homemade graham crackers taste delicious!  I will post that recipe too…


The sun has come back to the PNW and the temps are up again and that has been great. Hopefully summer will stick around now for a little while! Dinner tonight is burgers on the grill. Due to all the things going on this week my menu has been all out of whack!  I made Chinese chicken salad instead of tuna salad, and we are grilling out tonight instead of tomorrow night.. maybe tomorrow I will finally have the bbq beef!


I need to go and work on dinner preps. When Tobin is finished working on his project we will get the bbq grill going. 


Hope you all had a great Wednesday on your homesteads!


  1. Crystal,

    Sorry about Emily...I hope she gets to feeling better very soon. Jon and both of our boys are on Allegra..sure helps them.

    Keep us posted on what you decided to do with your new baby goats. I know you are trying to simplify.

    Hugs to you all,


  2. Kristi - from Family HomesteadJuly 27, 2007 at 12:49 PM

    Hi Crystal -

    Sorry about Emily. My son has similar problems with his eyes during allergy season. Ask your doctor about Patanol - its a prescription allergy eye drop. It does wonders towards making them feel alot better and even see better.




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