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After spending lots of time in the last two weeks in preparation, packing and numerous details.. I finally got my two girls, Emily & Leanne, off to Mexico yesterday morning! Our pastor picked them up at 4:AM. He also dropped his son Andy off with us to stay while they are all in Mexico. There are a group 16 people going; several adults and teens. They will be building houses and doing VBS for about 200+ kids. I hope it is a great experience for them.


Since they left the house has seemed very quiet! The kids are enjoying having Andy here.. he is my boys’ best friend (the one they went to DisneyLand with). I have had a chance to catch up on housework and book work and web work. Soon I will get July’s newsletter out (in case you were wondering where it is). 


This morning I got up before the kids and made them sausage gravy over whole wheat biscuits, scrambled eggs and fruit for breakfast. They ate all of it up! However I did make less than I normally do. I am having to rethink all my cooking once again..  to accommodate for less eaters. Tonight I am making a much smaller batch of spaghetti sauce.. and it is not too late to think about dessert.. it may be banana smoothies for dessert.. which would help me use up some ripe bananas I have and not heat up the kitchen.. plus the kids would it!


Aside from getting my newsletter out… I hope to get another 25#’s of soap made tomorrow. I need to keep making soap this month to get myself ahead of it all..  And.. I just remembered.. for those who have emailed me about my Oatmeal, Milk and Honey Goat Milk Soap.. I now have it back in stock! 


Hope you all are having a great weekend on your homesteads!


  1. God's blessings to Leanne and Emily -- what a wonderul, fulfilling adventure they are experiencing. I will be praying for them. I love your website and blog. Take care

  2. I hope they have a very fun time in Mexico. Ihope they meat a bunch of great kids.


  3. Crystal,

    I hope the girls are doing well in Mexico...sure proud of them.

    Love to you all this week on your beautiful homestead.



  4. Praying that they have a safe trip! I know what you mean about the house being "too quiet". It was like that when dh was gone!


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