Wednesday on the Homestead


My daughters arrived home from Mexico safe and sound, exhausted and inspired, encouraged and very tan! More than that they returned seeing how fortunate and blessed they were and all that they take for granted here in this country. They were thankful that they had the opportunity to help these people. One of my daughters said that despite the conditions she saw (incredible poverty and destitute situations) that many of these people were happy, especially the children. That greatly impacted her to see face to face that ‘stuff’ is not what it is all about here on this earth. Both daughters would like to do something like this again. They were blessed by the opportunity to reach out and touch the lives of these people, even in a small way. I have been looking at their pictures and hearing all about it! I am sure when they have recovered they will be posting more about their experience. 


This morning I woke up to rain. It certainly will be helpful for the garden and our water supply (which is spring fed ).  So I decided to spend my day inside getting caught up on things. I have products to make for my store and I need to get set up to make soap again.


I have been reading several books lately.. really too many for the time I have to read so I am making very slow progress through them all. But a friend mentioned the book Home Comforts and I pulled out my copy and have really enjoyed just reading through from the beginning. It could be looked at as just a reference manual, and it is a good one.. but more than that she really brings a lot of great inspiration to housekeeping and it has been a good encouragement this last week to me.   If you are interested in this book you can find it Amazon and it is very reasonably priced used as well!



Yesterday Tobin and I spent the afternoon in town. We had errands to run and we went out to lunch/dinner.. to late to be called lunch but too early to be called dinner..  We came home and spent the evening with the kids. Emily started a babysitting job for a lady that lives not too far from us. She is watching baby twin boys that are just weeks old so the poor mama can get some sleep. Yesterday was her first day and she said she enjoyed it but found it challenging to keep two babies content!  Leanne and the rest of the crew stayed home and did some housework while we were gone and of course did lots of laundry from the Mexico trip. 


Tonight’s dinner will be chicken (of one sort or another), coleslaw and a rice side dish of some sort . I have a menu planned out but I seem to be changing it as the week goes by just because! That works fine for me.. at least I have something planned if I come up with no ideas in the morning.


Time to get moving on my day! Hope you have a great Wednesday on your homesteads. 


  1. What a special blessing for your daughters!! I have made a couple of trips to Africa - and it certainly has made me look at my life thru new eyes. We are so blessed in this country - and we take so much for granted. Your girls will have memories that will last a life time - certainly pray they will be able to go again.


  2. Crystal,

    So glad all went well for your girls...what a life time experience for them.

    Thinking of you and sending my love,



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