Monday on the Homestead


Well the sky is blue, mostly, and that is a good sign that we may have a nice summery day today! Maybe we can enjoy a little swim and sun time at the pond this afternoon.


Our weekend was busy, Tobin worked and the kids and I caught up on laundry and housework and Emily baked us a couple more pies. She gets hooked on a type of recipe (breads, pies, etc…) and bakes a bunch.. we don’t complain! LOL.. I had purchased 20#’s of organic peaches from my Azure co-op and so we had a yummy peach pie that she made. I hope they still have peaches available next month. That 20# box is almost gone. We have all been enjoying them so much. She also made a strawberry pie using fruit sweetened strawberry jam and it was good too.. I will try and find the time to get the recipes posted here on the blog. Good thing there are enough of us around here that one pie only gives one serving to each of us or my waistline would be growing by leaps and bounds! LOL.. instead I have actually been losing weight this summer, which is a nice.


Today the boys need to get their laundry done and the upstairs needs vacuuming, sweeping and mopping. The younger kids need to get their sheets washed today too.. and due to all this nice weather they will be able to hang them out… gotta love the smell sheets after hanging on the line on a hot summer day!


I am also going to get some yogurt hanging to collect the whey. I want to make another batch of sauerkraut. My goodness it is sooo good. We just love the stuff and cabbages are very inexpensive right now. I have some growing in my garden and will be eager to turn those into sauerkraut when they are ready.


Coffee Beans..   After reading and being inspired by my all time favorite homemaking book, Home Comforts, I decided to try grinding my own coffee beans. I bought less than a pound of organic coffee beans to try this out. Wow.. what a great difference.. and I am not really into my coffee that much, but I do love a good cup or two of the stuff every morning. I don’t know why I waited so long to try this.. it is worth doing! And I was able to get the organic beans at my grocery store for the same price as all the rest of the beans.. can’t beat that!   The only thing my coffee grinder did prior to this was grind flax seeds.. now I will have to buy another one for the flax I guess! Coffee flavored flax (or would that be flax flavored coffee).. just does not sound too good! 


Dinner tonight is bbq beef over rice. I had it on my menu last week.. and well, last week seemed crazy with the menu.. so we try again this week! I put the frozen roast in the crockpot last night and later this morning I will shred it up and make bbq sauce for it. I also put my rice on to soak last night before I went to bed. 


Have a good and productive Monday on your homestead!



  1. The smell of sheets that have hung out to dry is wonderful. I did that with mine yesterday, just wonderful! That is alot of peaches but a fresh pie does sound delicious. Enjoy your day,


  2. I don't know if Wal Mart sells the organic coffee beans, but if they do, they have a grinder right next to the coffee and you can grind the beans before heading home...Just thought I would past that on...Debbie

  3. Crystal,

    Sounds like you all are doing well. Enjoy your beautiful, warm day. Looks like we are to have rain today.

    That Emily is something else with her cooking....what a wonderful girl she is.

    Love and blessings to you all,


  4. smallisbeautifulJuly 30, 2007 at 6:31 AM

    Crystal, what type of beans do you buy? I love coffee and like Starbucks but it's pricey so I'm always looking for less expensive options. Also, I just looked through Crunchy Cons! What a find! I never knew what to call myself, now I do! Any more great recs? Also, can't wait to make Emily's pb pie!

  5. I totally agree with you about fresh ground coffee. My mom thinks all my "quirks" about organic food are crazy but I've about converted her to organic coffee beans instead of Maxwell House. There's a HUGE difference. I buy my organic beans at Sams Club in a 2.5 lb. bag.

    Looking foward to the pie recipes. I'm going to try the peanut butter pie soon. My hubby and daughter can't wait!!



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