Last Week on the Homestead


What a week it was. I have managed to get lots of little details done in preparation for my girl’s trip to Mexico. They are going on a mission’s trip with our church. There was a nice long list of supplies that they needed and I think I have all of it done. They have less than a week now to finish packing. I think we have one more trip out to pick up things and then we are completely done. They are very excited to be going and I am excited for them!  The younger kids and I will be managing the farm and the home chores without them. So it will seem very different for the 10 days they will be gone.


One of our trips to town last week was to Good Will. I love thrift stores. The girls on this Mexico trip must dress very conservatively .. clothes can’t be form fitting, no skin showing, long skirts, etc.. My girls are pretty modest in their dress but they are not as modest as the standards of the village they are going to. So to not offend they are covering themselves even more. As an example, the women wear long skirts with pants on under their skirts so that if the skirt comes up no ankles are showing.. closed toed shoes have to be worn, long sleeved shirts to church, etc... They can wear pants to work in .. as long as they have shirts that are long and cover and are at least three quarter sleeve length. They will be working long hours in hot and dusty conditions so they have been told that usually most people discard the clothing after the trip. So the girls each found some jean overalls that are very loss fitting. They also found long skirts, bigger sized blouses and t-shirts, etc.. So while they were looking for their clothing I managed to find a cute skirt and blouse. They were both in very nice condition.. I always love a good find! 


Yesterday Tobin and I celebrated 23 years of marriage!!! We spent time over the last week just reminiscing about the last 27 years together (we met 27 years ago.. I was 16 and he was 18). We have had many, many sweet and precious years together. We both agreed that life is such a blessing when you can share it with your best friend. Now we look forward to the next 23 years!!  


I also made about 25 pounds of soap too.. I have more to make this coming week.. my soap is in need of restocking! 


Tobin has some extra time off this coming week but we really don’t have any big plans. We are working on our house some and the weather is looking like it will be hot and beautiful. So I am sure we will be enjoying time at the pond and BBQ’s. On the 4th we will just be doing more of the same… 


My menu this week looks like this:



Chinese chicken salad

Homemade egg rolls (we had a slight change in the menu last week so this is carried over)



Burgers on the grill w/trimmings

Potato or macaroni salad



Steaks on the grill


Potato or macaroni salad (left from Tuesday)

Brownies and homemade ice cream



Chicken and beef kabobs on the grill

Fabulous baked beans

Green salad



Lentil chili

Tortilla chips and salsa




Crockpot spaghetti

French bread




Baked chicken legs

Laurie’s macaroni and cheese







  1. Where are they going in Mexico. Dh just returned from Chihuahua Mexico for business. I just love your blog.

  2. Crystal,

    What a great blog entry. So very proud of your girls, what a great experience for them. I left them a comment on their blog....I will pray for them daily in the work they are doing for the Lord!!!

    ~~ Happy Anniversary to you and Tobin ~~ You are such a wonderful couple and I can just feel the love you have for each other.

    Love ya my dear friend,


  3. FrugalmomntrainingJuly 6, 2007 at 10:40 AM

    You and Tobin have made a wonderful life together. I wish you many many more years of happiness. :)

    I hope your girls have a nice time in Mexico.

    ~Lisa (Frugalmomntraining) on your message board.

  4. Happy Anniversary!

    I just love your blog! I read it whenever I can!



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