Saturday on the Homestead

Today is rainy and gray. Apparently we are getting the tail end of a typhoon that is out in the Pacific Ocean and that has given us several days of gray and wet weather. I know one thing my garden is loving it.. both my plants and the weeds!!  There will be lots to do in the garden when the sunny dry days come back.   


Today I have a ton of stuff I want to get done but reality says I won’t get to it all. I am starting my day off by making soap. As soon as I am done blogging I will be getting at it. I am planning on making about 25#’s. 


Then my list includes making sauerkraut (I put some yogurt out last night to drain and now have whey to do this), and I really wanted to get a gallon of kefir going too… and the biggest chore for my girls and I today is we need to butcher a chicken or two.. that is the one I am not sure I will get to! Emily and Leanne have caught a couple egg eaters and it is time for them to get that special invitation to dinner (haa.. haa.. got that from a lady on my boards!!)!  Plus we really need to cull out the hens that are not laying.. as soon as we figure the best way to determine this. Tobin hung up the killing cone last night and I think while I make soap this morning the girls can get the rest of the stuff set up. If I feel brave enough I may take some pics of the process for those who are interested in how it is done. I am not any kind of an expert but I figure, hey… if I can do it then anyone can! LOL..  


Dinner tonight will be very easy.. maybe some potato sausage soup and cornbread and salad. Something that I can also have the girls work on while I do soap and then when our busy afternoon is over dinner will be basically an easy thing.


Well that is my plans, we will now see how far I get on all this..   and will be back to let you know!


Hope you all have a good and productive Saturday on your homesteads!





  1. I wanted to post pictures of the butchering of my rabbits, but was so afraid that it would offend the animal lovers and I would begin to get hate mail. LOL But you go girl.

    Good luck with all your chores, hope you get it all done.


  2. Sounds like a really busy day for you! I have never done the butchering myself, though I suppose I could if I was forced to! It's great that your girls will help you so much.


  3. Crystal,

    Hello my friend. Wanted to wish you all a wonderful day on your beautiful homestead. Give my love to all the family. Thinking of you daily.

    Love and blessings,


  4. Hi Crystal.

    I would love to see pics of your butchering. Boy, that sounded weird didn't it? I have been considering starting to do this myself and have no one to talk to who has done it already. Also, please let me know when you figure out how to tell which hens aren't laying. I'd love to figure this out in my hen house as well! Hope all is well with your family.


  5. yes, please post pictures-I agree with Ann, I'd like to know how this is done.

  6. I did a hen before and was that a I got it done..sounds like you have a lot to do..Enjoy your day...Debbie


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