Tuesday on the Homestead

Well Tuesday was spent mostly off the homestead.  I had to go grocery shopping today.  I took the whole family with me too.  Hannah has been doing a house sitting, goat sitting/milking job these last few days.  She will be doing this for the rest of the week.  She is also commuting back and forth to work so her life has been hectic..  but today was her day off and she wanted to come to town with us.  We had a nice day.  I went to both Costco and Winco.


While we were gone Tobin took her car for a test drive.  She had been telling him it was making funny noises.  He took for a rather tough test drive and the CV joints failed. We were very happy to see this happen to him rather than to her while she is out driving on the hwy.  Her job is about an hour away from home and her work.


Tobin asked me if I wanted to join him for the trip into town (back into town for me) with him so he could pick up the CV joints…  I said sure!!  We were back home in a couple of hours and now he is cleaning up his shop so he can work on her car (these are the times I am so thankful he is a mechanic!).  In the meantime there were some goats that needed her attention so she is driving his car for now.  Emily and Leanne went with her to give her some company. 


While Tobin and I were in town everyone unloaded the groceries and put things away.  Emily made a batch of lentil chili and some creamy onion soup.  The house smelled heavenly when we walked back in.


Right now the house is quiet..  Jacob is out working in shop with Tobin and Sierra and Isaac are just playing quietly.  Gives me a few minutes to sit and blog and maybe do some writing. 


That sums up my Tuesday on (or rather mostly off) the Homestead! 


  1. Hi Crystal,

    Would you mind posting your creamy onion soup recipe? I am always looking for new soup recipes to try. I enjoy your blog.



  2. Glad you had such a great time. Just want to say I made your crockpot spaghetti sauce and the chicken lasagne and all I can say is two thumbs up!! I'll be making a huge batch of the sauce and canning that. Thanks for sharing such great recipes!! Also, glad you are back, I've missed your posts.

  3. I just wanted to say how wonderful it is that your children are so willing to help and even to take the initiative and get things done for you without being asked. I have read many of your posts that have spoken of this and I think it is just terrific. You must have done a great job training them up! I also say good for you going back to town with your hubby. I know sometimes after just getting back from town, the last thing you might want is to go back. But he asked you to and you did it cheerfully. You are a great example to those around you, thank you.


  4. Hi Crystal! This is Leslie/Boltbabe. You have just been tagged with the thinking blogger award, because I find your blog so uplifting and helpful. go here to find out directions.


  5. Hi Crystal! I've been away for a while and it's good to "see" ya again!

  6. Hi Crystal, Check out my blog. I just awarded you the "Thinking Blogger" award.!!!

  7. Way to go Emily! Your love of homemaking has certainly rubbed off on your family. I love it! ;-)




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