Remember Me (video)

You know I am one who does not like to get into the political end of things on this blog.. I always figure my blog is about supporting the homemaker. A lady on my message board said she found the following YouTube video on Miss Catharine’s Blog (Cat from Making it Home) and then I watched it.. definitely brought tears to my eyes.

No matter where I stand on the political end of this war, I do have a son in the Army and in less than 2 months he will be deployed to Iraq and I do support him and the choices he has made. So I am sharing this video in honor of him and in honor of all the men and women in our Armed Forces who have made the decision to support our country.

Let us all “Remember” that these people are the son’s and daughters and husbands and wives, etc.. of those of us back home. (and as a warning that I did not heed and then regretted.. you will need some Kleenex nearby.. )



  1. dhs cousin will be going to Iraq about the same time your son is going. I do wish this war would be over soon. I really don`t know how to feel about it. If that makes sense or not. I did like the video. Thanks for sharing. I will keep your son and your family in my prayers. Sheryl

  2. That was a powerful video! Thanks for sharing

  3. OK wow, thats all I say. It breaks my heart for each and every person that this war somehow touches. I will say many prayers for your son and everyone else involved in this. I hope and pray that it comes to an end very soon.


  4. It's hard to not feel helpless in the uncertainty of the future. This war is far from over, and it will never end, I think. If we are not there, I believe it would come to us. Our soldiers are holding back what I fear is inevitable. . . We at home are clueless and forget so easily as we live blissfully in our ignorance and care only for self, the root of all evil and sin. Not everyone, of course, is like that, but many are.

    I know not how to thank those who make these sacrifices but to say simply and sincerely, "Thank you, " and "I have the utmost respect for you." And instead of me saying to them, "I am proud of you, " I would like to ask them if I live in such away that they are proud to fight for and protect my family and me. . . Am I worthy of your sacrifices? God bless. . .

  5. Thank you for sharing that with everyone. My brother-in-law is there now.

  6. I'm still sniffing! Thank-you for sharing. My 3rd child (a 19 yr old son) is currently serving in the Marines. He has not been deployed yet. I say "thank God" selfishly. I am a basket case most days already. I know his time will come. I pray and think about those who have lost their sons, daughters, dads, sibling ect. I pray we don't take for granted these precious peoples lives give to prtect us.



  7. thanks for pointing me to this. What strong brave people who do this for us and what strong brave people who stay at home - prayers for us all including your dear son.


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