Thursday on the Homestead


Today was just a beautiful day.  Finally we had some sunshine and it was so nice.  I was a couple of towns away for most all of my afternoon.  I took Emily to take the first two of her five tests for her GED.   While she was testing I went across the river to another town and went to Walmart and the feed store.  The goats and chickens needed feed and I needed a few misc. items at Walmart.  Emily tested for longer than I was gone, so I spent the time waiting, enjoying the sunshine and reading my book. 


I switched my menu around this week and today we had the pot roast.  I put it, frozen, in the oven this morning before I left.  When I got home I made some garlic roasted potatoes and some peas.  It was easy and so yummy.


Hannah came home from work and Emily and Leanne went with her back to the home she is house sitting and goat sitting.  She said she is starting to get worn out with all the driving.. I don’t blame her.  It is about an hour commute each way every day.  She is not use to that.  But the job is almost over.  Sunday, I think, is the last day.  Tobin went back to work tonight so it is me and the younger kids managing the homestead. This sunshine did wonders today for the chickens..  they laid almost 60 eggs!  I think we are coming out of the winter blues with them.  We have about 65 chickens so that means that almost all of them laid today.  Typically this winter/spring we have gotten 35 to 45 eggs a day. 


I am so excited..  tomorrow night my long time best friend (next to my hubby of course), Sarah,  is coming with her sweet kids to spend the night.  We have wanted a nice long visit for so long and this was a perfect way to do it.  This is the friend that came with me to California to deliver my grandson, she is very close to my kids.. they love her like an aunt and are excited for all of them to come for the visit.  So I am changing my menu ..  we will be having Nachos for a Crowd, salad and tortilla chips.  For breakfast I am going to make overnight cinnamon oatmeal pancakes and scrambled eggs.  And if they are here at lunch time sandwiches are on the menu.. 


That sums up my Thursday on the Homestead!! 


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