Monday on the Homestead


I should probably call this post “Last Week on the Homestead”.  Life here at my little spot on the globe has gotten busy and full lately.  And it looks like it will continue for awhile.  I will post as I can, but right now I need to focus on my family more.. 


I have a nice big to-do list that I am going keep attacking as soon as I finish this blog post.  On my list today is deep cleaning my living room..  My Pomeranian, Ellie (bless her heart..   ),  is shedding EVERYWHERE and it is driving me crazy..    but we love her and know this will be over soon..  in the meantime..  I am vacuuming even more than I already do (as if twice a day was not enough! )


Other than dog hair duty I have laundry to do, school schedules for the three youngest ones to get done for the week, and just basic house stuff.. 


Emily has GED classes tonight..


I wanted to say also that I have had 4 nominations for the “Thinking Blogger” award and really feel so very surprised and amazed at this….  I will try and post later and give my own 5 most read blogs to pass on this award to..  In the meantime a very nice “Thank You” to those who have given me this award.  


Hope you all have a blessed Monday (and week, if I don’t get back here) on  your homesteads!


  1. Enjoy the busyness that Spring brings in. The Sun is finally shining over here in MA and I am LOVING it!!


  2. Hello Mrs.Miller. Did Emily have a good party. (birthday party)

    I added you as my friend. I am glad you let Sierra have a blog

  3. Usually a lurker. Come by and check out my blog and join my first contest ever! lol. I have very few entries, at this point. Niki's Ventures Blog


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