Friday on the Homestead

Yea!!  We just got Emily’s test results for the first two GED tests.  She took the math and the reading tests..  she tested in the 99th percentile on both of them!!   We are proud of her!  She takes the next 2 tests in a couple of weeks.

Today is a day at home day..  Finally!!  I do have to run to the post office in a few minutes, that is no big deal.  I have been busy doing home chores this morning and catching up from the week.

Right now I am taking a computer break and Emily just made me a Caramel Macchiato (Starbucks copy cat)…  yum..  she did a good job.

I have laundry going, my sheets changed and the beans cooking for tonight’s dinner.  The kids are almost done with school too.  This afternoon I need to finish cleaning out the first of my 3 defrosted freezers.  Hopefully that won’t take me too long..  I would rather be outside enjoying some of this sun today.  Tomorrow the rain will be back. 

Tobin said he wanted to do some mowing when he gets up.  We have to take advantage of the few dry days we seem to be having to get this done…  with all the rain, the grass is GROWING!!   

Hannah came home this morning before work with a cough..  I made sure she ate some yogurt and whole wheat toast (can’t get her to eat most of the time when she starts getting busy, eating is not at the top of her list, but Mountain Dew is! ! Kids! )..  I also gave her some good quality vitamins and some nutribiotic.  She will be home later this afternoon and she can eat a good dinner before heading back to her house/goat sitting job.   

Well break time is up and it is time to get to the Post Office and then back home to do some work…  

Have a great Friday! 



  1. Glad you were able to get a small break in your busy life. Tell you dd congrats on her scores. You did a good job schooling her, lol.


  2. Yea to your daughter and her high scores! I have one daughter in particular that always scored off the charts. She was a nurse by the time she was 19! (proud mama) Enjoy your weekend!

  3. < Emily just made me a Caramel Macchiato (Starbucks copy cat)… yum.. she did a good job. >

    Hubby and I hit Starbucks several times a week-I just had one of these this afternoon at Barnes & Noble.

    Do you have this recipe posted somewhere on your site? I NEED IT!!!!!


  4. I know you must be unbelievably proud of Emily!! Way to go!!!



  5. Yea for Emily!!!!!! (The next ones, she'll do just as wonderful on!)

    How's Hannah feeling?

    Hugs to you and your family~

    Julie :)


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