Wednesday on the Homestead


Good Morning!


It seems like forever since I have blogged.   I was plagued with more computer issues that are getting straightened out, thankfully!! 


I have also been busy with my home and making soap and lotion and getting gift baskets ready for the upcoming months. 


The weather here has cooled down considerably and in fact there is rain today.  I don’t mind this too much as it makes it easier to focus on inside things. 


With Emily’s help we managed to get this house nicely cleaned up earlier this week.  My desk is cleaned off, the floors look good..  we moved furniture around to get behind things and dust and vacuum.  Amazing how a house just ‘feels’ better after this type of thing. 


I had a friend share some zucchini from her garden with me the other day.  It was soooo good! I really miss my garden.  We made fried zucchini to go with that nights dinner (pork roast, Fabulous Baked Beans, steamed green beans – also from my friends garden- and fried zucchini.. yummy meal!). 


Tobin is almost done with the goat fencing and then my bucks will move to their new home and I will once again have a garden spot!  Obviously it is a bit too late to do much, but we will rototil it up and who knows, maybe I will plant some fall lettuce or spinach. 


Today is grocery shopping day.  Hannah will come in from her house sitting job and we are going to drop Emily off at her job and then Hannah and I will do the grocery shopping.  Then when we get home she and Sierra will go back to her house sitting job.  I guess 3 days of being without family was enough for her… she is ready for company! LOL.. 


That sums up my Wednesday on the Homestead! 


  1. glad to hear your computer is fixed. I was wondering if you were going to be making more aprons for sale in your store, or if you could point out some good patterns for an apron for me and my dd's.

    joyfull homemaker

  2. Crystal,

    Thinking of you my dear friend....reading about your days on your homestead always makes me smile.

    Love to you all,


  3. Hi Crystal -

    I just reading about your days, family and the happenings around your hometead!!

    I may try to have a few winter vegetables myself!!




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