Monday on the Homestead


(the above graphic shows that I may just be feeling the need for some fall like weather! LOL…   )


Today has been a nice day..  it has not been too busy and I  (along with help from my kids) were able to get things done.


I got 4 loads of laundry washed and most of them on the line..  the clothes line filled up and I dried the rest in the dryer.  Before I could start laundry I had to make the laundry soap.  I had not realized we were out.  No one told me!  It was no big deal as the laundry soap goes together very quickly. 


I also managed to label several bottles of lotion that I had made over the weekend (my Fuzzy Naval sold out very quickly so I was restocking that one and made a couple of others). 


Emily and Leanne picked more blackberries.  We are going to use some of them tomorrow to make blackberry ice cream..  yummy!!  


I got the house in nice order and them made a nice pot of salmon chowder for dinner.  Emily made garlic cheese biscuits to go along with the soup. 


I talked with my oldest daughter.  Her time is coming due soon.  She has about 6 or 7 weeks left until the birth of her little boy.  Her husband Jonathan is busy, busy with his Air Force schooling and is doing well. 


Tobin came home and we visited and he is now resting..  he has been working hard to put in more goat fencing during the weekends and some extra time at work..  so he was feeling it by the time he got home from work today.


Well that sums up my Monday on the Homestead!! 


  1. Hello there. This is the first time I have been on your blog. It is fabulous. No wonder you have an amazingly long friends list. I am still trying to absorb all of the wonderful things you make and the fact that you share your recipes. (I can't wait to try to make laundry soap) I have 14 kids and we use so much laundry soap. Thanks for sharing! Brenda

  2. Crystal,

    As always, love reading about your days. I can't wait to order my lotion...I know I will LOVE the "pumpkin spice" scent. I just looked at your salmon chowder recipe and I'm going to make that for dinner sounds delicious. I know Jon will be so excited...he loves when I try new things, especially Crystal recipes.

    Sending love and hugs your way.


  3. Hey Crystal -

    I have been so far behind in reading all the blogs and updating mine!!

    I was so glad to hear that Caroline is doing so well - do they have any names picked out as of yet?

    The jam look wonderful - I am going to try my hand at that next year!!!



  4. Crystal

    I am so sorry about your computer problems as this is one of my favorite everyday checker I call it. Praying over your computer and what must be your frustration, miss you on the Homestead, hope your back with us soon. The jam looks fabulous and is very inspiring. See you soon.


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