Our Wood for the Winter

Well it looks like we are basically done gathering this winters wood.  Tobin figures one more trip up around our property and that will fill up the last little space in the wood shelter.


I have been most impressed by my hard working Jacob, Isaac and Sierra.  Jacob has cut up a tremendous amount of wood and Isaac and Sierra have stacked it all.  A few times the older girls helped them, but by in large most all the wood seen in the pictures was cut and stacked by my three youngest.


Tobin cut and split the bigger pieces, and he cut up the medium size pieces with his chain saw.  The rest Jacob cut with the chop saw. 


I told them yesterday when I took this picture how much we all will appreciate this hard work when we are warm and cozy this winter.  And we have an abundant supply of hot water.  We heat our water in the winter with wood too.


Here are Sierra, Jacob and Isaac standing in front of all their efforts! 


The space to the right of Isaac is the last little bit to be filled. 



Each section of the shed holds 3 rows of wood.  Each section holds approximately 2 cords of wood.


  1. How wonderful!! Looks like hours of hard work.

    Good work, Jacob, Isaac and Sierra!


  2. Crystal,

    How wonderful to have all that wood for the winter. So proud of the young ones...they did GREAT!!! Makes me long for cold weather thinking about nice, cozy nights by the fire.

    Love to you all my friend.


  3. Isn't that a pretty sight seeing all that wood cut and stacked so neatly? It gives a good feeling about the cold months to come and the warm, cozy house to be in! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Jacob, Issac & Sierra - What a great job - I know that was a lot of hard work - you should be very proud of yoursleves. You have been a HUGE help to your Mom and Dad.

    Waaaay to Gooooo!!!!


    Miss Donna


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