More Cheese Making (Another Feta Cheese Recipe)

I have continued to make more feta cheese and wanted to share my updates with you.  I tried another recipe that I like.  The cheese it a bit firmer and dryer but that makes it crumble better. 


Here is the second recipe for anyone wanting to try it.  The procedures are basically the same as the first recipe.


1 gallon milk (I used raw goat milk, but milk from the store would work too)

1/4 cup buttermilk or 1/8 tsp Mesophilic M culture (I have used Mesophilic A without problem too)

1 teaspoon liquid rennet

1/4 cup cool water

Cheese salt


Bring your milk up to 86 degrees and add the buttermilk or cheese culture.  Put a lid on the pot and wait 1 hour. 


After one hour mix the rennet and the water together and add to milk and stir.  Cover and keep at 86 degrees for another hour.  This is actually easier done than you may think.  I took a second pot that was bigger than the one I had my milk in and put warm 86 degree water in it (I did not have it on the stove, just used my tap water and got it to about 86, this does not have to be exact).  After adding the rennet I set the pot of milk into this warm water.  You basically just want the milk to stay warm.  Another time I was baking bread and cooking a pot of beans on the stove so I just set the pot of milk next to the stove and the heat from around this area kept my pot at the right temp.  This is not crucial.. if you temp drops a few degrees your cheese will still be fine. 


After one hour take your pot out of the warm water and set it on the counter.  Using a long knife (I used a bread knife) I cut the cheese curds up into ½ inch pieces.  Do this slowly and gently.  After the curds are cut let it rest for 5 minutes.


Strain the cheese as described (and shown) in the feta cheese post I made the other day ( ).  Let the whey drip out for 6 hours to overnight.


When the whey has dripped out, take the cheese and slice it into slabs and lay on a plate.  Sprinkle well with salt (I did not measure..  just sprinkled well).  Leave this to sit for 4 to 6 hours depending on how salty you like your feta.  If you don’t know, start with 4 hours for this batch and see what you think and make adjustments for the next time.


As it sits with the salt more whey will be extracted and that is normal.  When this period of time is done rinse the salt off the cheese.  Cut the cheese up into chunks and layer in a jar with herbs and spices (as directed previously, but don’t add more salt).  The last batch I made I cut up a dried red hot chili pepper and added that between the layers of cheese and herbs. ( I was hoping that would give it a bite.  And it has worked!  It tastes so good! )


Cover with olive oil and let sit.  It gets better with time, if you can manage to not eat it!  That’s what keeps happening to my cheese.  We are eating up pretty quick so I guess today or tomorrow I am going to make some more feta.



  1. Thanks for the recipe, Crystal.




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