Making Blackberry Jam


It is blackberry season here in the Pacific Northwest!  And my property is full of blackberries.  The kids have been out daily picking them and we have been enjoying them.  Yesterday we made some blackberry jam (pictured above).  I have always loved making homemade jams.  But one thing I don’t love is all the sugar it requires.   Something like 4 cups of mashed berries to 7 cups of  sugar!  That is just way to much for me.  And the cost of pectin is pretty high as well.


I used an alternative the other day when we made blackberry jam.  I used Pomona Pectin.  I have used it before and was glad I chose this again.  One box of the pectin made 4 batches of blackberry jam.  Also you cam make the jam with little or no sugar or with honey because the pectin does not require the sugar to make it work, it uses calcium water.  The boxes of  pectin have a little packet of calcium powder that you mix with water and add 2t. per batch of jam.  It works wonderfully.


The recipe (inside the pectin box) said 4 cups of mashed berries to whatever sweetener I wanted and whatever amounts I wanted.  I found that for 4 cups of mashed berries I used 1 cup cane juice crystals and ½ cup honey.  The combination made the jam sweet but not overerly sweet and the berry taste was quite strong. 


Pomona Pectin has a website for anyone interested: and they do sell it on the site ($3.50 per box) Or you may also be able to find this pectin in a health food store.  I buy mine from Azure Standard: They charge $2.70 a box.  I also saw that they sell it in bulk by the pound, something I may do next year.  





  1. Oh, my - just beautiful! I grew up in southern Oregon and remember going berry picking. I just love blackberries, but am so allergic to the vines - I break out in hives and itch for a week.

    Enjoy!! Guess I'll have to get mine at the super market.

  2. Crystal,

    Your blackberry jam looks great and delicious. I know you all will enjoy it very much. Love to you all my friend.


  3. I've been doing reduced-sugar raspberry jam.... and you are right - the flavor of the fruit is sooo much stronger. I love it!

    We are about to have a problem though.... I made 12 jars in late July. I just opened jar #4.... I think we will run out before raspberry season comes again! :(:(:( luckily my wise husband suggested that we also freeze raspberries - I think I have 36 cups in the freezer for smoothies and baking, etc. I can probably make more jam if - I mean, WHEN - it becomes necessary :):>)

  4. This looks so yummy !! I guess that is a lot of work but it sure tastes different from the one you buy at the store !! You are doing a great job with your family, Crystal. You are an inspiration to me, and you are showing me the way. God bless you.

  5. Thanks for posting about the Pomona Pectin! I ordered some from azure and look forward to trying it out with the cane juice crystals! =)


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