Monday on the Homestead

It is blackberry season here..  so this week we have blackberry pie and blackberry jam on the list..  I am going to try making some of my jam with honey and see how we like that. 


Emily, Hannah and I went to Walmart today to pickup a few needed baking supplies.  Emily will be baking up some goodies for the county fair.  The entries need to be in to the fair by Tuesday or Wednesday.  She has a big list of things to make..  we will see how many she is able to do!


I have 2 loads of laundry hanging on the lines right now.. and a third to get out there soon.  I had Jacob scrub the tiles in the bathtub.. they were overdue for a good cleaning.  Leanne worked some on the kitchen while I was gone..  Sierra helped too..  the house was in nice shape when we got back from Walmart. 


Dinner tonight is Chinese chicken and noodles..  quick, easy and tasty..  I was going to make potstickers.. but now it seems hot and I lost my inspiration with the heat of the day!!  Maybe it will come back soon enough for dinner!! 


I had to order a new Front Page program.. something was wrong with mine..  so I am kind of lost without the ability to update my website!  Now I will be patiently waiting for the mail each day and hoping to find it in there..  then I can feel like all is running correctly again after my big reformatting job.. 


I will be taking pics and posting Emily’s fair recipes..  and letting you know how she does this week!


Is anyone else ready for fall??  I am and then I am not..  I love summer but then again about now I start thinking about crisp cool fall mornings, a slight nip in the air, the leaves falling off the trees..  the pumpkins ripe and in the stores..  ahhh..    But then again.. I don’t want to rush the fun freedom of summer here..  because fall also brings with it school and school schedules again.. LOL..  


  1. The last few mornings we have been able to get a taste of fall, it has been chilly when we first wake up and had to turn the oven on to warm up the kitchen! but now it is back to the humid, hot weather. Fall is my favorite time of year, all the harvesting and cooler days, not to mention the colors!

    I have been up to my ears in blackberries also, this year they are very bountiful!


  2. I can\'t wait to hear more about the fair and Emily\'s recipes and how they do! I hope she wins some ribbons! Oh, I wish we had good, old fashioned country fairs here where I live.

  3. Crystal,

    I know you all will love your delicious blackberry jam. Oh yes, I love the fall season, can't wait.

    Blessings to you all today on your beautiful homestead.



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