10 On Tuesday

10 Things I Hate Doing


1. Finding the lost shoe..  

2. Finding the lost sock

3. Discovering the lost shoe or sock several months later in the dirt somewhere on the property.. 

4. Trying to find things in the kitchen after the kids have unloaded the dishwasher

5. Organizing the basement

6. Quicken

7. Trying to get dinner on the table when I failed to plan it!

8. Making appointments (for anything )

9. Saying the same thing 6 times.. for instance when I say something to one child and the next walks in the room and says, “What?” so I repeat myself and then another child walks in the room and says, “What?” and I repeat myself again.. and so on, and so on.. 

10. Cleaning up messes after my kids (hence the reason I train them to clean up after themselves)



  1. I'm forever repeating myself to my 3 kid's and hubby. LOL

  2. Hi...I laughed at your post....it is so me...with 8 kids the #9 happens to me a hundred times a day!!!.....finding socks, shoes....so funny. Great site!!!!


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