Menu Monday!

We had an eventful weekend with the weather (which I'll share more about on Wednesday) and I had extra people in my house waiting for the storm to end. I ended up doing a lot of cooking to keep tummies fed. I made chili and soup, breakfast foods and more.

This week my attention is focused on our family dinner and shopping and making final plans for that. We we'll be having our meal on Saturday. I'll be doing easy meals for the rest of the week.

My plans for this week...

Roasted Chicken in the Instant Pot
I'm hoping to make a video of the roasted chicken in the IP. We'll see how my week goes and if I have time for that. In any case I'll be serving my chicken with stuffing and a salad

Basic, quick and simple. I'll serve it with french bread and green beans.

Pan Fried Petite Sirloin Steaks
I'll make garlic roasted potatoes and a veggie of some sort to go with this.

Christmas Dinner
I'm making kalua pork in the IP and saucy meatballs in the crockpot. I'll use the chili sauce & grape jelly combo for the meatballs. I will also make some macaroni salad as well. The rest of the meal is going to be pot luck style. I have others bringing a crockpot bean dish, another side dish of choice, veggie side dishes and dessert.

That sums up my week. How's your menu plan coming along this week?



  1. Hi Crystal! My name is Tracie. I'm using a recipe I found on your website for basic white bread. It's a three loaf recipe in the Bread Making 101 section. I'd like to make one loaf today and freeze the dough for the other two loaves. My question is: At what point in the process do I freeze the dough? Thanks in advance!


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