Little Christmas Socks

I wanted to share the Christmas socks I made for my grandchildren. I've always loved Christmas socks and it was my tradition to fill socks for my children every Christmas and they have fun memories of this.

I wanted to do something similar for my grandchildren, but on a smaller bases. I wanted my own children to be able to carry on the tradition they had for their children. So I had this idea.

How about using childrens socks and fill them with a few goodies? So I purchased the socks...

I rolled the mate of each sock and put them in the bottom of the other sock. Then I assembled the goodies...

I filled the socks..

And hung them on the tree...

My grandchildren loved them..



  1. That is a very clever idea! Love it.

  2. Cute idea!!!! Merry Christmas!

  3. I love that idea. I'm going to borrow it for my great grandchildren. They live in another state and I don't get to see them at the holidays but I can send them a box of socks filled with goodies. Thank you for sharing the idea.


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