Menu Monday!!


Last week the menu went pretty much as planned. On Wednesday pizza just sounded so good. So along with making my huge pot of creamy chicken veggie soup (will be sharing this one tomorrow) I made a couple homemade pizzas. Yum.. my family was happy and I had enough food to keep my family fed for a few days.

I'm making the hamburger rice casserole that I mentioned last week, tonight. I'll serve a nice salad along with this.

The rest of this weeks menu is pretty basic. No new recipes in the plans. Unless I see something and it peeks my interest enough to try. Or I crave something! :)

An old stand by. Easy, cheap, filling and everyone likes it. French bread and a salad will be the sides.

Right now I'm thinking tacos. It may end up being enchiladas. My husband and sons take a lunch to work everyday. If I have enchiladas it is easier to take that and reheat it at work than to mess with tacos. I'll serve chips and salsa with this.

Roasted Chicken Legs
During the hot summer I put my roaster oven out on my deck to cook with. It kept my house a lot cooler. One day I roasted up a large pan of chicken legs that I had seasoned very simply (salt, pepper, garlic, Italian seasonings, Braggs Aminos, dried onion). I let it cook for a while. The chicken was so amazing. It was fall off the bone tender and full of flavor. Now when I want to cook chicken legs I pull out my roaster oven and do it this way. I also have a large winter squash that my neighbor gave me (sweet meat I think he said) that I'll cook to go with this and pot of rice pilaf and of course a salad (gotta get the fresh veggies in there!)

That should cover it for the week!!



  1. Chicken legs in your roaster oven . . . I have a turkey roaster that needs to be used more often. This sounds like a great idea. Would you tell me the temp and time that you used? Chicken thighs are on sale this week . . . thinking about trying your suggestion.

    1. I roast the chicken at about 350/375.. I'd say.. Hope you enjoy it!! Crystal :)


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