Green Beans & Ham

A few weeks ago I cooked a bone-in ham for dinner. I froze the ham bone and juices to use another time. My thoughts had been to make navy bean & ham soup. But in the end I wanted to try something different. I used the ham bone to make a side dish with my home canned green beans. It was super good.

It was also easy to make! I put the ham bone in the crockpot on 'high'. My ham bone was frozen. I opened and drained 2 quarts of my home canned green beans. You could use store bought canned or frozen green beans for this. The amount you would use would be based on the size of the ham bone and how many people you were feeding. My ham bone was pretty large and I feed a few people. But this recipe is totally flexible and hard to give exact measurements.

I started it out on 'high' but after a couple hours I turned it to 'low' and let it cook a few more hours. Since everything is already cooked the main idea is to give the flavors plenty of time to mingle. When the little bits of meat fall easily off the bone, you are done.

I removed the bone and put it all in a serving dish...

Easy, simple, a change from bean & ham soup, and very good!!



  1. I make this but here in PA it's String Beans and Ham and we also put potatoes in bite size pieces and cook them with the ham bone. Delicious especially if you simmer the ham bone all day for a hearty flavor. The Pennsylvania Dutch Love this! Thought I would share.

    1. Oh wow.. that sounds amazing!! I'll have to try that next time!! Thanks for sharing Lisa!! :)


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