Menu Monday!

Last weeks menu went just as planned. The cheddar bacon chicken dish was delish. I'll share that one tomorrow.

This week will be a bit different. Hubs and I are taking a little trip at the end of the week for a few days. So I don't need to plan 3 meals, and because I have some details to take care of before we leave my meals will be on the super simple side.

I made the split pea soup, that was on my menu last week, yesterday. I made a big pot of it and we are having the leftovers tonight.

The rest of the meals will be.....

Fish Sticks
Fish sticks and mac & cheese is an easy favorite around here. As typical I'll also add a salad on the side.

Sausages & Cabbage
I buy a brand of chicken sausage (similar to kielbasa) from Costco. The brand is Aidells.. They are so good! They come in different versions. My favorite is the pineapple bacon. Last week when I was shopping I saw they had mango jalapeno. I snatched up a package. I'll be slicing those and sauteing them with sliced cabbage. I'll serve green beans along with this meal.

The rest of the week the boys will be on their own. They will be holding down the fort while we are gone.



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