Monday on the Homestead


It seems we are enjoying yet another day of hot temps.  I know when this summer is over I will feel very well “summered”. 


Despite the heat I made another 4 batches of soap.  Yesterday I made 4 also.  Today I made 3 batches of shampoo bars and 1 bath of peppermint tea soap.. that one was more experimental as I won’t be selling it.  It smells very nice.. but then again I love the smell of peppermint.   I woke up very early with hubby and then took advantage of a cool house to make my soap. 


I also did 4 loads of laundry.  At over 90 degrees outside the loads dried very quickly.  We cleaned up the house and that was about it for the day.


The kids spent a lot of time in the pond keeping cool and when Tobin came home from work he and I did the same thing.


Finally we just had to bake bread today.  I was on the last little slice of bread and it had to be done. I was avoiding it because I did not want to heat up the house. But this evening Emily and Leanne made 6 loaves.  I just opened the windows and set the fan so it could blow the heat out of the kitchen.. not sure it worked, I think it is now hotter in the house than outside.. LOL.. 


Hannah made cornbread in the table top oven on the deck.  Dinner tonight is chili bean soup, cornbread and salad.


Tomorrow the kids have a dental appt. for teeth cleaning.  I don’t really look forward to this as it means about 2 ½ hours of sitting and waiting for them to be done.  We take over the whole office and use all the hygienists!  LOL..  it would be a very big deal to them if I canceled!  so despite the heat we will head to the big city.


Afterwards if it is not too late we will go and visit Grandpa.  He lives across the street from the dentist.  He just moved into a retirement home and the kids have not visited him there yet, so this would be a perfect time to do it.


Well Tobin and I may go down for another swim in the pond before bedtime.. we will see.. 


That sums up my Monday on the Homestead!


  1. Sounds like a very productive day!! I made laundry soap the other day, your recipe (which I love) and it is not fairing very well in the 110 degree weather here in CA (our washer is out in our garage)! Thankfully it works just as well melted!! We made bread today also, and I once again used your just wanted to thankyou for all your wisdom that is such a success in our home!!


  2. Hey lady! I CANNOT even believe you were in my town and didn't tell me or stop!

    You have been busy- me too! If you read my blogs every now and again you will read about our adoption in progress. We are adopted from Liberia. Our homestudy is on Thursday, so it's time to clean the cobwebs :)

    I made soap again, but wasn't too happy with it because of the white coating on the top. What's that about?

    YEs we are on for September!!!!!


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