Monday on the Homestead


Whew..  what a busy day!!  I just now have some time to sit and post.  Actually the last few days have been busy for me. 


But at this point in my day I have my 4th load of laundry washing, Emily directed Jacob, Sierra and Isaac to do the basic clean up around the house which included vacuuming, sweeping and mopping.  Emily cleaned up the kitchen and did a few extra things in there (wipe down cupboards, clean out a couple drawers that were a mess), Leanne worked in the laundry room and did a bit of reorganizing and wiping off the pantry shelves.   Hannah left after doing the milking to go to the local vets office for her volunteer time.  After that she will head to someone’s house to do some house cleaning. 


I managed to get 3 aprons cut out for a friend, catch up on my Quicken, make a new batch of laundry soap (the 4 loads used the last of it!), and get my ham in the oven. 


Jacob did some outside work that Tobin had left on a list for him to do and pulled out a new bale of hay for the goats and brought the baby goats to be back with there mamas (that is his daily job..  we separate kids from mom at night to milk in the morning).


So far I would say that we have had a very productive day on our homestead!!  I still have laundry to hang, some sewing to do and dinner to make.  And I will make a batch of lemonade to sip on when Tobin comes home from work.  We will relax by the pond and swim a bit to cool off and enjoy some cold lemonade.. sounds like a great afternoon/evening! 


Dinner tonight will be backed ham, Fabulous Baked Beans, coleslaw and maybe a dessert..  we will see if one of the girls is in the mood to do make something… 


That sums up my Monday on the Homestead!!


  1. I just wanted to say thinks for your directions on how to make liquid laundry soap. I'd seen a similar one elsewhere on the internet and tried to follow it, but it was so poorly written an difficult to follow, that I'd all but given up on it. Your's is easy to read and follow, AND the results are much better than my first try. I will definately be using it for years to come. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sounds like a very productive Monday indeed! You deserve some time to relax!!

  3. Crystal - you always leave me breathless with all you do - you're amazing!!

    I love the look of the new soap - I will have to try that in my next order!!

    I got my last batch of salsa canned tonight - now I am looking for something else to can - this can be addicting - I know what I want for Christmas - a pressure canner...oh, and a wheelbarrow - boy my list sure is changing from a couple of years ago!!!




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