Cheese Questions Answered

After posting yesterdays instructions on making cheese I had a few questions from Michelle which I have tried to answer.  I am not a cheese expert I am sure that my friend Dalyn could give you even more info on cheese making than me.  But I have tried to answer the questions!


I have a couple of questions if you don't mind. : )

~No I don’t


When you say "any milk" does that mean even regular dairy milk in the gallons at the store?

~Yep.. milk from the store will work too



Do you purchase the vegetable rennet from Leeners too?

~Yes I do!


We like it plain, are the herbs necessary?

~No, plain would work, but this is a very mild feta cheese so it will taste a lot like milk :)


About how much salt would you say you use?

~I did not measure, just sprinkled


Does it have to be packed in olive oil or can it be stored in a little of the whey (I think that's how they sell it at a local store)?

~If it is not packed in olive oil then it is put in a salt brine.  I have done that before and did not like it like this but it can be done.


Do you have to wait 3 days for it to be safe to eat?

~Most cheeses need to be aged for a period of time.  Sometimes as long as 6 months.  This is for flavor not safety.


And lastly, I promise, how long does it keep (in the fridge I suppose?) 

~Packed in olive oil it can be set in the cupboard and will not go bad for a long time. The olive oil makes it an oxygen free environment and this keeps the bacteria out.

Thank you *so* much for posting this.

~You’re welcome!


Also Rachel asked if I make any other cheese (I am guessing when you say “common cheese” you are referring to hard cheese).  I do make cream cheese but have only tried my hand at the hard cheeses a couple of times. 


  1. That does look SO easy! Thank you for sharing the process with us! My only question now is...what do you do with all the whey?!? Rebecc from

  2. Which brings up another question! Did you mean it will keep in the cupboard unopened? Or can you keep it in there once you\'ve opened it because of the olive oil? Thanks! Love your site!

  3. Could you reuse the oil if you only used it for packing for the three days? Can you pull the cheese out of the oil and freeze if for later?

  4. Crystal, I have gotten so many different recipes for Feta, that I have postponed making it. Thanks for this clear direction- I will try this one today- it looks easy and good.

    I lost my best doe lastnight. Very sad. I know you would understand...

  5. From experience and my research, do not use milk from the store that is ultra pastuerized. Regular pastuerized is fine by the ultra will not work.


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