Hot Weather Cooking Tip


Last night Hannah made cornbread and put it in the table top oven (Nesco Roaster Oven) outside on the deck.  It worked great.  I have baked a lot of turkeys, chickens, pot roasts, etc.. in there but not looked at it much for actual baking needs.  We also baked a potato casserole in there the other night.  Just thought I would pass this little tip on to anyone not wanting to heat up there kitchens any more than necessary!


  1. I had a microwave-convection oven that just gave out -

    after 20 years. And it was wonderful, especially in the hot summers. I would recommend one to any young family.

    Now, I use my toaster oven whenever I can.

  2. I love using my roaster oven when it is soooo hot! I just put it out on the patio, my kitchen stays, well not cool, but at least not hotter! I've made banana bread, biscuits, boiled chicken, corn, noodles, it all has turned out great. I want to try making my bread in it. Great tip Crystal!!


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