Wooo HooooÂ… BABY GOATS!! and PICS!!

My first doe of the year has delivered her kids!!  Two little does..  They were born late at night on the 13th.   


I found out about this on Valentines morning about 7:30.  The kids were fine and had nursed they were just cold.. wouldnÂ’t you know it the temps last night dropped down to 25!! 


My ValentineÂ’s Day was already a full and busy day. 


It was my Father-in-Laws 73rd birthday so we were


making him a big birthday dinner. 


Aside from the heart shaped cake that Emily was making for Grandpa, we had heart shaped cookies to frost, 15 homemade cards to make and 2 songs to practice that morning as well!  We were headed to the local seniors home to sing and pass out cookies and cards.


We got home from that event and still had to clean up the house and make a big dinner.  AND in between it all I was busy crocheting goat sweaters for my 2 new little girls..  they were cold!!    In the past I would put baby clothes on them, but wouldnÂ’t you know it.. I had no baby clothes!!  I know what I will be searching for this summer at garage sales!  Baby sweaters!!



Well here are pics of my babies:





Here is a pic of EmilyÂ’s heart shaped cake.  Grandpa loved it! 



Here we are lighting the candles:



Here I am madly crocheting away after dinner..  I had one more sweater to make!!  My hubby Tobin is sitting next to me looking pretty tiredÂ… he works long days and this was getting to be the end of the day for him!!  



Here are my babies in their sweaters!!





And of course here are pics of the Poms.. 




And while I was down at the barn taking pictures I thought I would share a pic of my one and ONLY rooster!!






  1. LOVE the pictures. Oh the babies are so cute! All of them. The Poms are just so cute.

    I love the sweaters too cute!

    God bless you and your family!


  2. How can you stand all that cuteness!?? How wonderful! Seems like spring at your home.

    Many blessings,

    Christi (homeschoolblogger.com/MomWtrmn)

  3. Everyone is adorable ... even the rooster!!! Wouldn't I just love a pom puppy ... the Pom in the Westminster Show this week was outstanding!! And baby goats are so sweet.

  4. OH!! My ladies and I are ooing and aawwing over all the cute babies! Thanks for sharing all the pictures. My 4 year old Emarie just asked if "we could go there someday" :). I said, well actually, that might be a possibility someday!

    Those sweaters are too too cute!

  5. Oh Crystal. I love the goat sweaters! Thank you for bringing a smile to my face! I'm glad to hear the party was a success ... what a busy day leading up to the party! I love your blogs - and all the pictures. Thank you for sharing your life with us! LisaKM99

  6. What a wonderful time at your home!!! Beautiful babies, goats and puppies. I love all of it, the sweaters, the cute lil faces, even the sweet looking cake. You are very blessed, and thanks for sharing with us!!!

    Jenn (jammyphoto)

  7. ....would sit down and whip up some sweaters for the babies real quick!!! You are the Martha Stewart of Homesteading!!!!

    I just love the little goat babies!!!

    I love your new pic also!!! Is Tobin awake!!!!

    thanks for sharing


  8. Oh! I am drooling Crystal! Those little girls are adorable! I can't wait to see my babies. I bred late due to all the buck problems I had, but late is better than none.

    I just posted an article on using goat milk...go see! I'll be patient and wait for our chat. I can see why you are SO busy!

    My pastor is looking to buy some Nubian kids this year, and he wants me to help him "shop". Big fun! I get to shop w/ someone else's $$ ha ha.


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