The New and Improved Goat Sweaters

OK.. my husband says I am getting a bit obsessed with this project LOL..  he wonders who feels better.. Me just knowing my goat babies are warmer or the goat babies ACTUALLY being warmer!  (This would strictly be a "mom thing").  


None the lessÂ…. the temps were dropping again last night; close to the teens was predicted.  So we closed up the big barn window with plastic and pulled the barn door almost all the way closed and I set to work on some new and improved goat sweaters. 


The first ones were just a dog sweater pattern that I found on-line and made a few changes to, but after making them I saw a lot more changes that I could make.  Now I feel better as they are in the barn sporting the “turtle neck” version and they are fitting a bit more snug now.  And I feel much better knowing they are a bit warmer!!    Now my brain is wondering what could I do next to this pattern to make it even better!!  One of these days I may even have a goat sweater pattern to share with you all!  


Here are the updated pics of the girls in their new sweaters: 





And here are the rest of my does at the hay feeder this morning..  that white you see in the front of the pic is our goat dog Daisy:



Here is a better pic of Daisy and Hannah:




  1. The sweaters are so cute --and look so cozy and warm! I can't wait to get goats back now that we are setting up the new homestead here.

    Do share your sweater pattern when you have a spare moment ( many of those, heh?

    Love visiting here!


  2. The babies are so cute!!! Love their sweaters too!!

  3. How cute the babbies look. The look so warm!

    Keep up the out fits on the little guys. I can't wait to see more on them. God Bless,mj

  4. Crystal,

    I think it's so sweet you looking after your baby goats with the sweaters and making them stay warm. You are a sweet mamma!!

    Take care friend and I love all the pictures.



  5. Crystal,

    You never cease to amaze me with your incredible talents!!!

    What adorable kids...and the sweaters just add to their cuteness!!!

    You are awesome!!!




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