Canning Milk Question Answered

(picture of milk I canned last summer in the background)


Gena asked meÂ… Why would someone jar up milk?


That is a good question, because I guess it could seem pretty odd!!  But it is not odd if you have gallons and gallons of milk to deal with weekly!!


Canning milk is a way of preserving it without taking up freezer space.  While my goats are at their peek of milk production I am always looking to use the milk any way I can.  I make cheese, kefir, yogurt, smoothies, soap.. etc.. but there is still milk!!  So I can it up and put on the shelf to use now.. during the winter.  It works great in baking and cooking.  Drinking it is not that great, but for other uses it is very nice to have on hand! 


  1. What a great idea! We're hoping to get some milk goats this spring and I'm already trying to get all the info I can about using the milk (besides drinking it). We drink about 1-1/2 gallons of milk a week. Currently we're purchasing it from a Grade A goat dairy here locally, but it's getting expensive ($11 a gallon)! Having our own milk goats would save us a lot. My husband tried the dairy's Cheve cheese and loved it, so I imagine that I'll be having to learn how to make it too!

  2. I think I should do that, but I freeze mine. I have 3 freezer spaces, so it's convenient.

    I love to hear about your Pom puppies- I used to have one and I loved him dearly!

    I have company again, but hopefully next week we can make up our chat!

    p.s.- what do you know about calcium deposits in goat's teats?

  3. You have got to have the most useful, helpful, interesting blog on here!! Do you have a book?! You really should think about writing all this down...consider us your extended children and your want to leave us your legacy!! ;-)

    Thanks for all you do and share...

    Blessings from Ohio, Kim Wolf<><

  4. How do you do it? Can you post the directions? I am intrigued by this, seriously.


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