Pom Update..

Here are current pics of the pom puppies!  They are 5 weeks old now and the time is getting closer and closer for them to have to sold.  We will be sad to see them go, they have been so much fun to have around. 


We have not named these puppies because we are going to sell them, so each day we come up with a new set of names for them.  Here is a sample of some the names we have come up with:


Belly & Berry  (this is a combo of both parents Bear and Ellie)

Bonnie & Clyde

Fred & Dianna

Gilbert & Ann (we were in a Green Gables mood!)

Pudgy and Rose

Monica & Bradley

Little Man & Little Girl

Spunk  & Whine


Ok.. enough of that.. here are the updated photos of them!


Here is the little boy pup:




Here is the little girl:






  1. That is so sweet! And so Fluffy!! Is seems like they were born just last week!

  2. They are darling! Love the little girl's attitude!


  3. Crystal,

    Those precious puppies are ADORABLE!!!!

    I just love them....you are so right....no problems finding buyers for them. I just showed them to Jon...he said it's a good thing we don't live close to you.

    Thanks for posting the pictures....love to you all.


  4. I vote for the names Belly and Berry. Perfect!

    Now I need to go read about your chicks. I need to learn as much as possible, as we plan on adding some to our little farm soon!


  5. oh Crystal...what lil' sweeties! I just want to squeeze them!

  6. Crystal - they are tooooo cute!! Just want to squeeze 'em!!

    I am voting for Pudgy and Rose!!


  7. They are so cute!! What a blessing! They will make some family very happy. mj

  8. I just love poms, we raised and sold them too, and I just think they're the cutest little dears. I'm so glad I don't live near you too! I'd end up getting one..! They are just adorable! I love the Anne of Green Gables names!


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