Pictures of the New Chicks and More..

First of all here are pics of our new baby chicks!  It is really hard to get a picture of them because as soon as you disturb them they all run to one end of the brooder and do a little chicken pile up!  Then you move to that said of the brooder and they all run to the other! LOL..  So here is the best I could do:





And here is a pic of EmilyÂ’s new skirt! ( Cute Skirt Pattern )It is really hard to see the print on this fabric in the picture. It was a light pinkish red and the print was not really checks or plaids but thin stripes going in both directions.  In any case she was happy with it and now Leanne and Hannah are excited to make their skirts using the same pattern.




  1. The chicks are so cute!! So is the skirt--adorable!! :)


  2. homesteadinthemakingFebruary 22, 2006 at 2:13 PM

    They are adorable!!!! We are about to order some of our own. What kind are they and what are you using as a brooder? You have definitely gotten me in the mood for baby chicks. We havent even started on our coop yet (so much rain).LOL


  3. The chicks are so cute, so is the skirt, good job.

    God Bless, mj

  4. Love the chicks and the skirt.

  5. what sweet lil baby chicks and that skirt is SO CUTE!


  6. Oh, so-so cute! Love the baby chicks.

    Love the skirt too. She did a really great job.

    Blessing my friend!

  7. ..a little lawn chair in there!!!

    I was just showing Kelsi the skirt - I want her to get into sewing!! She likes the skirt - just doesn't want to make it!! Where did I go wrong!!!!

    Blessings dear friend...


  8. Crystal,

    That Emily is a little doll. What a beautiful and sweet looking girl. I love her skirt...great job.

    Now on to those baby chicks.....oh my, they are adorable. I love seeing the pictures you post...keep 'em coming.



  9. I showed the pictures to my daughter and she loved the skirt so much I will be making a couple for her for Easter. The chicks are so sweet. I wish I was allowed to have at least one as a pet in my city.........~smile~

    brightest blessings


  10. what great chicks! where did you get them? how many and what breeds are there? I pray they will all grow to be happy and healthy. God Bless!


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