Menu Monday!

Good Morning!

Last week was a busy week and Menu Monday did not get posted. Due to having some family here I didn't take many pictures of our meals. I did take a couple which I'll share as the leftovers from those meals made up a few of the meals during this last week.

One meal I made last week on Sunday was BBQ pork. We ate the leftovers during the week.  We had BBQ sandwiches a couple nights... 

The other meal I made was a Asian type meal (kinda, I don't claim it to be authentic in any way! :D ). I had a pound of Aidells Sausages that I cut up and I used a pound of frozen meatballs that I had in my freezer. I put them with a sliced up onion in my crockpot and covered with teriyaki sauce. I let that cook for about 3 hours on low. 

I served this meal over Ramen noodles. I buy these noodles because it's the cheapest way to purchase the noodles. I don't use the seasoning packet, instead I throw it away!  I also had a few potstickers in the freezer and I made those in my Instant Pot..

When this week started I still had some of sausages and meatballs leftover. We had finished off the noodles so I decided to make rice instead and we had a repeat over rice the 2nd time. 

And of course, then I had leftover rice! Ha, ha!!

On Thursday I had some extra time to spend in the kitchen and made up 2 meals. I used my leftover rice to make chicken fried rice. I loosely followed THIS recipe. I defrosted a small package of breast fillets to add to my batch of fried rice. I cut up and cooked the chicken along with the onion in the recipe. 

Before I started making the fried rice, I put a pot of chili together and got it cooking in my Instant Pot. You can find my IP Chili recipe HERE.  

Now I had 2 main dishes that we enjoyed over the next couple days.  

I put the leftover chili into a freezer container for hubby to take to work at some point. I had grandchildren here over the weekend and my granddaughters absolutely favorite meal is fried rice! She loves it so much that it was her birthday dinner request :).  When she heard I had fried rice she got very excited and she and her brother pretty much finished off the rice I left. 

Over the weekend we enjoyed 2 BBQ's.  The first was a steak and baked potato BBQ...

The second was hamburgers and I also made a macaroni salad to go along with them. 

For some reason I am at a creative stand still when it comes to meal planning. Everything I think of just does not appeal to me one way or another.  So I haven't laid out a plan for this coming week.  

Here are a few thoughts running through my head and these may or may not happen, depending on my mood but I'll toss the ideas out there...

BBQ Chicken Pizza
Chicken Alfredo over Pasta
Sausage & rice 

I'll let you know next week how it all goes!  :)



  1. Your food always looks so good! I just now made your ranch chicken tacos recipe for the first time, It's easy to do and soooo delicious! Thanks.

    1. Thanks! It's been a long time since I made my ranch chicken tacos.. may have to do that soon 😀.
      Crystal 😊


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