Grocery Haul for Two

Happy Friday! 

This week I went to both Costco and Winco.  Again I didn't really need a whole lot, but did end up finding a few deals and picked up more than what I needed for the week.  When I see a deal on something I know we will eat, I like to take advantage of it. 

My first stop was Winco..

 I picked up apples and oranges but the bananas there all seemed too ripe. I also bought a few salad veggies that I was out of. 

I restocked my hash browns and got 6#'s of ground beef. I did not need it, but this was a deal I wanted to take advantage of as it was $2.18 a pound and I know I will use it. I divided it into 1lb amounts and froze it.

I got milk, eggs, half & half and more cheese. I did NOT need more cheese. I still have a lot in my freezer, but again it was deal at $3.48 a pound :) . I picked up 2 swiss, 1 pepper jack and 1 provolone, all were sliced.

Finally there was the misc things..

Cookies, cheese dip and some mints.

Total for Winco was $60

Next stop was Costco...

Lunch meat, ranch dressing, salsa, tortillas and bananas. The bananas at Costco seemed better but my preference is a little greener so they'll last longer. But these weren't to bad. 

And a large package of hamburger buns that went in the freezer for burger bbq's. 

Total for Costco was: $35

Grand total for this weeks groceries:




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