Grocery Haul for Two

Good Morning!

This week was a one stop haul. I didn't need anything from Costco so I only needed to go to Winco.

I needed to restock most of my salad veggies. I picked up green and red cabbage, carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, kale, and a bag of mini peppers.

Plus fruit was on the list: apples, bananas & oranges

I was out of regular potato chips and normally buy Kettle chips from Costco but going into Costco for 1 item didn't make sense so I picked them up at Winco.  I also picked up milk, cream cheese, a couple cans of black olives to restock my pantry and hash brown patties.

Then I spotted hamburger on sale :D 

Last week I bought 6#'s of hamburger because it was on sale for $2.18 a pound. This week I spot the 1# packages for $1.98 a pound.  So I had to take advantage of this great price..

I bought 10 pounds.  I have over 16#'s of ground beef in my freezer.  That is plenty to last me a good long time. 

And that was all I needed for this week.

Total from Winco and grand total for this week:



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