Grocery Haul for Two and Monthly Average

Good Morning!!

This being the last of the month it's time for my running weekly grocery average. I'll update you with that at the end of the post.

This week I shopped at both Winco and Costco. I was out of several things and needed to restock. 

The first stop was Winco..

 There were the typical fruits and veggies. I was out of a few salad veggies so I picked up tomatoes (both roma and grape), some Yukon Gold potatoes, kale, spring lettuce mix, a cucumber, green cabbage and mushrooms. 

I also picked up snacks; chips and cookies and some dairy. I bought a pound of Jimmy Dean Sausage, and it almost didn't make it in the photo. 

I also bought a cake mix and a can of frosting to have in my pantry and a package of hot dog buns that didn't make it in the picture. When I got home from the store my son was here and he was helping me unload the groceries and put them away, he didn't realize I needed to take pictures first. Those items got put away and forgotten. 

The total for Winco..


The next stop was Costco..

I picked up a box of spring rolls because I thought they'd go good with the chicken fried rice I had planned, and they did. One thing I have to say is I'm not a big fan of edamame (which is in the spring rolls). It's not that they have a bad taste, just really no taste at all. I realize it has health benefits but I could think of other things more flavorful to add to spring rolls. I'm not sure I would buy them again. 

I was almost out of mayo, butter, potato chips, and lunch meat. I picked up a box of granola bars (great to take hiking! :D ), and was missing my beloved hummus and bought a box of 20 2oz little cups. It's a great way to buy it when there are only 2 people eating it. If I buy a big container of it, we don't eat it up before it goes bad. 

I got a rotisserie chicken and some bratwurst.  On Monday's blog post I showed how I used both the chicken and the brats (at least one package of them, the other package went in the freezer). 

Finally there was bread, saltines and a can of lemonade powdered mix. Costco only sells it this time a year (through summer) and I like having it on hand. 

Total for Costco week: $99

Grand Total for this week:

Weekly Average

I shop once a week, and at the end of each month I add up all that I've spent on groceries and divide that by how many times I've been shopping since the beginning of the year to give you my weekly average. 

So far since the beginning of January I've spent $2092 on groceries. I've been shopping 22 times. 

2092/22 = 95

As of the end of May my weekly spending average has been $95 a week

That's all for this weeks Grocery Haul for Two!

Crystal :)


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