Grocery Haul for Two

Good Morning!!

This week I shopped at both Winco and Costco. 

There was our weekly supply of fruits and veggies. I picked up a few gold potatoes to have on hand. Not sure if they will end up as baked potatoes, air fryer potatoes or potato salad. I don't keep a lot of potatoes on hand because I've had to many of them go bad on me. I also restocked a few salad veggies and some onions. I've had the worst luck lately with onions. I was buying a 3# bag of small to medium size onions from Winco but they all seemed to rot so fast. I'm not sure what is up with that as I've never had the problem before. So this time I carefully chose 2 yellow onions and 1 red onion. Hopefully they will last. 

This was a few miscellaneous items I picked up. Eggs, half & half, sour cream a pot roast, a bottle of marinade, cumin and pizza bread. I knew my hubby would like the pizza bread, and he did! :)

I've never seen or tried this brand of marinade. But it was a sale item for $1.48 and I thought it sounded like it might be great for chicken. 

The pot roast was in the reduced meat section. Again, I could have lived without it but since it was a good deal :D I got it.  The reduced price made it about $3.14 per pound. It is currently in the freezer. 

I love cooking with cumin and I love the fact that Winco has such a great bulk foods section. I got about 1/3 of a pound of cumin for $1.70.  It was so strong smelling (in a good way if you love the smell of cumin like I do) that my whole car smelled like cumin on my drive home! :D 

Total from Winco: 

Next stop was Costco...

I picked up mixed nuts and Pub Mix for hubby's work lunches. I also got ranch dressing, shredded cheddar cheese, french bread, and my coffee pods for my Keurig. And the big expense this week was that big ol hunk of New York strip steak. 

We like our bbq's and our steak. With summer right around the corner I have family that will be out this year and I like to keep a supply of steak purchased at a good price on hand. I don't want to have to run to the store last minute and pay top dollar. 

I've found (as I've shared before) that this is typically the best way to get the best price. I purchased 11#'s at $7.99 a pound. After I get home I open it up and cut it into steaks. I then wrap each steak in plastic wrap and put in the freezer. This way I can pull out only the amount I need for each meal. 

Just as a side note, this is still the best deal I have found on coffee pods. I get a box of 100 for $29.99 making them about .30 cents each. I've yet to be able to beat that price anywhere and the coffee tastes great! One other added bonus is there is less waste with these compared to K-Cups. 

And last minute I realized I forgot to include a package of hamburger patties from Costco.  They were sitting in my cooler and I didn't pull them out for the picture. Oops.. :) 

This week's total from Costco: $198

Grand total for this week's groceries:


That's all for this weeks Grocery Haul for Two!

Crystal :)


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