Wednesday Snap Shot

Good Morning! I've been MIA in my blogging world. I have been so incredibly busy! My family came, we celebrated and they have all gone home now. My week was crazy, noisy, and amazing! :) That's the way it is when you have a big family and they all come back home for a few days. I loved every minute of it!

We spent our time visiting, holding my oldest daughters baby, laughing, talking and cooking lots of food. Grandpa gave the grandchildren tractor rides and taught a couple more of them how to drive the tractor. It was a big highlight for all of them.

Our only sadness was the fact that my daughter Emily and her family, down in Sacramento, could not be here with us. As she said, if the timing of life had been just a little different she would have been here with us in a heartbeat. We are already thinking about and planning on the next gathering where we can all be together. It's not easy with 8 children who live busy lives, and many of them don't live locally, to get together at the same time.

Here are a few pics of our time together...

Three of my daughters, we had a lovely surprise visit from Tobin's parents and were able to get some pictures with them and 6 of their 8 grandchildren (my daughter Sierra had to work and the grandparents stay was short so she was not there for the picture) and a group shot and a sweet pic of my youngest granddaughter, Caylah and my oldest granddaughter Elizabeth..

Time enjoying being together

And of course tractor rides with Grandpa...

Morning coffee with my three boys was a treat..


On the last night it was hard to say goodbye to this little cutie...

Now my house is quiet once again and I like that too! We had a wonderful time and made many memories.


My daughter and her hubby that live in Kentucky and my daughter and her hubby that live in California left very early on Tuesday morning. I spent yesterday working on putting my home in order again, otherwise known as “house recovery” :). I did a ton of laundry as well.

Today I still have things I need to get done. The guest rooms all need the sheets pulled off the beds and washed and remade and the floors need a quick vacuuming.

I was not able to get to the floors in the rest of the house yesterday so that is on my plan..


After that it will be doing some food preps

Frugal Living
It's hard to be frugal when you have so many people visiting!

Steps, Steps, Steps
I didn't even think about steps, but still managed to get a lot. I was on my feet and moving the whole time. I did try and focus on healthy eating for everyone. I had lots of fruit, veggies, and salads added to the meals.

View from my Deck
It's a beautiful summer morning here in the Northwest. I love summer, but my all time favorite thing is early summer mornings. Perfect for sitting outside and enjoying a cup of hot coffee. The simple pleasures of life can't be beat.

Today's High: 93    Low: 62

That is all for this weeks Wednesday Snap Shot.


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