Wednesday Snap Shot

Good Morning! I hope you all are having a great week so far. Last week I started writing my WSS and then the day took a different direction and I wasn't able to finish it and get it out.

Hubby and I had no plans for the 4th of July. We were going to have a little BBQ and relax. I got a text from one of my sons asking if he and his girlfriend could come up and then shortly after that I got a text from my youngest daughter asking if her and her boyfriend could come up. Of course I said, “Sure!”. So I pulled out more meat to put on the BBQ and the kids said they would bring the side dishes. I also grabbed the last frozen pizza dough in the freezer and got that defrosting. In the end we had quite a nice spread and too much food :). I struggle to cook for two people but give me a bunch of people and I'm in my element.. ha, ha. But the kids took food home with them so it all worked out in the end..

Yesterday was a fun day, we had our grandsons over for lunch, a little swimming in the pond and tractor rides. We all enjoyed the day so much..

Grandpa not only gave the tractor rides but also taught our little 10 year old grandson how to drive the tractor. My grandson thought that was very cool.. 


In a little over a week I have a big family get-together happening. There will be 7 out of 8 of our children here with their families. Only my daughter Emily, who lives in California and just had a baby, won't be able to make it. She is still in the new baby phase and traveling with a baby and a toddler is overwhelming to even think about. I told not to worry, we all understand. Nonetheless we will have a big crowd here for several days. In preparation for this, today I'm planning on making a few lasagna's for the freezer. I also bought some more steak as we are planning on a steak BBQ for everyone and I need to cut that up and get it in the freezer.

Besides kitchen work I need to do a little housekeeping..

~wash a couple loads of laundry
~sweep/mop floors

If I have time and energy left, I'll go upstairs to my guest rooms and start getting them freshened up.

For the Love of Books!
Something about the busyness of summer makes reading a challenge for me. I'm still making my way through Oliver Twist and I finished reading the book of Acts in the Bible.

I think the fall and winter are better suited for reading.. what about you?

Steps, Steps, Steps
Steps have been hit and miss. Most days I can get over 5000, I've had a few days of 7000 and over and a couple 10,000 step days.

I keep thinking when life settles down again I'll get back into my walking routine. But the way this summer has been going, it may be a bit challenging! :)

View from my Deck
It's simply a beautiful morning! The sun is shinning and it's warm out. Hubby is already out and mowing. 


Today's High: 88 Low: 59

That is all for this week! Hope you are having a fantastic week!


  1. I find the same thing with reading. It's so much easier in the cooler weather when I can sit beside the fire and curl up in a chair with a throw over me. In the summer I just want to be outside and go, go, go. How cute that your hubby taught your grandson to drive the tractor. He must have been thrilled!


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