Menu Monday!

Good Morning! This week it's back to menu planning for the two of us. I'm planning on keeping it pretty simple. The temps outside are hot and since I don't have air conditioning I don't enjoy heating up my kitchen if I can avoid it. 

I'm playing around with putting specific meals on specific days.  I'm going to see how that works for me now that I'm getting a better handle on cooking for the two of us.  

Monday: It's a real toss up today. I'm either going to buy a pizza when I'm out grocery shopping or put chicken in my IP for chicken gyros. Either way, I'll serve a salad and fruit with it. 

Tuesday: Salmon is the plan. I have put salmon on the menu a few times and never made it. I had too many leftovers to get to making it. I'll grill it and serve it with potatoes, salad and maybe some corn on the cob. 

Wednesday: Burgers on the BBQ with all the trimmings and some fresh fruit

Thursday: Leftovers or a freezer meal. I have single serving meals in my freezer that I send with hubby to work (I often pack leftovers from our meals into single serve type containers and freeze them) or we use them for dinners as needed.

Friday: 'Roasted' Chicken made in the Instant Pot (which does not heat up the kitchen much at all). I'll make rice, a big green salad and maybe make a small pot of veggie soup to add as a side and have for lunches for a couple days. 

Saturday: I know I'll have leftover chicken so I'm planning on making chicken rice bowls. I make them with what I have on hand. My method is to lay a nice amount of greens and salad veggies on a plate (or bowl), top with rice and chicken (that I briefly heat up in the microwave) and top with whatever appeals to me: ranch or Italian salad dressing or top with salsa, or make it more Asian inspired by using Asian salad dressing (either homemade or store bought). 

Sunday: The great unknown :) If I have leftovers I usually try and finish them up as my first plan. Or make sub sandwiches or grilled cheese. 

That wraps up the menu for this coming week.. now I need to head to the grocery store and get some food in the house again!

Hope you have a great week!



  1. Your menu sounds great! I usually plan the menu for each week, but this week I have a few missing days. Somehow I think the family will still get fed though. :)



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