Grocery Haul for Two and a Super Simple Fruit Salad

This week has been on the busy side for me. I had a few people here for the 4th of July holiday and didn't have enough time to get Wednesday Snap Shot out. It will be out next week.

My grocery haul this week was a big one. I have a family get-together coming up in a couple weeks and will have a lot of people here for several days. So I started this week to stock up on a few things in preparation for this.

The first stop this week was Fred Meyer. I don't normally shop at Fred Meyer but my hubby needed a couple things there and I had seen that they had T-bone steaks on sale for $5.77 a pound which is a bargain around here. So I picked up 3 packages of them...

The whopping grand total for the steaks was $71

Next stop was Winco...

The fruits and veggies were the basics.. lettuce, spinach, cabbage; both red and green, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers. I picked up some apples and bananas. We still have oranges from the big box I got last week at Costco.

Next was a few items for the pantry and freezer...

Hamburger buns (for the freezer), olives, green enchilada sauce, macaroni, and I picked up some steak seasonings in the bulk department. It was their version of Montreal Steak Seasonings.

I also got a large can of pineapple juice and I'll tell you why in just a bit.

And finally...

Milk, half n half, yogurt, cheese slices (provolone and colby), some frozen brussel sprouts, broccoli and tater tots (the store brand).

My total for Winco this week was $50

The last stop was Costco..

I picked up lunch meat, bacon, mayo, tortillas, a 2 pack of french bread, and my hubby's pub mix (a snack mix) and mixed nuts that he likes to take to work.

I also had a few other items that will be set aside for out get-together. 
I love this salad dressing! Ranch will always be my all time favorite but Olive Garden's Creamy Italian is the runner up. So I picked up a 2 pack...

The sliced pickles will be for burgers (when my family is here)...

And I picked up a couple cans of drink mix...

The Gatorade is an amazing deal. The can makes 9 gallons in total. The cost of the can was $8.99. A 32oz bottle of Gatorade can run anywhere from .75 cents (when on sale) to over a $1 a bottle. The can is the equivalent of 36 - 32oz bottles. A deal no matter how you look at it! I have sons that drink Gatorade so figured this was the best way to have some around when they are here.

The other can is Country Time Lemonade powdered mix. I have plans for this with the pineapple juice. I found a recipe online (HERE) for making pineapple lemonade. I thought it sounded refreshing and would be a hit with my grandchildren. I'll still need to pick up the Sprite that the recipe calls for on my next shopping trip.

Total for Costco was: $93

As I said this week was a big haul. I've spent most of the year under budget. Plus I'm planning on having around 25 people here for at least over the weekend and some will be staying longer then that. When all settles down, I'll be back to a more normal haul for just the 2 of us :).

Grand total for groceries this week:

$214 (all numbers rounded up)


Super Simple Fruit Salad

I love how simple this is and how flexible it is. You can use whatever kind of fruit you want or what you have on hand. When I made this I used what I had, from fresh, frozen and canned.

I chopped up 1 apple (I left the skin on) and 1 orange. I also used 1 cup of frozen blueberries and 1 can of pineapple tidbits.

As I said, the recipe is flexible, use whatever fruits you like or have on hand. I never measure I just judge how much fruit salad I want as I'm making it.

I mix all my fruits together and then add a container of vanilla yogurt...

And it is ready to go... it's that simple. If you make a large salad you might need 2 containers of yogurt. And you can use whatever flavor of yogurt you would like. I like the mellow taste of vanilla best but any flavor works.

That's all for this week's Grocery Haul!


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