Wednesday Snap Shot

Hello from the Pacific Northwest! I hope you are all having a good day and your week is going well. I'm currently enjoying a hot cup of coffee and a delicious piece of homemade banana bread...

I can't believe how yummy it tastes. My friend, Sue, who lives near me came over yesterday for a cup of coffee and a visit and brought me a loaf of her banana bread. It's been a long time since I've enjoyed homemade banana bread. I'm getting inspired to do a little baking. I made some pizza crusts on Monday and now thinking of making some cookies.

One thing I have to say about this empty nest time of my life is finding joy in doing things, such as baking, because I want to, not as a necessity to feed a big family.

My week has been good so far. I'm enjoying the warmer days of spring and getting outside as often as possible. So many beautiful things to see around me...

My goals today are simple.....

~laundry to finish up
~vacuuming to do
Meal preps as soon as I look at my menu and see what sounds good for our dinner tonight.

And of course, get some steps :)

Frugal Living
Last week I made some bbq chicken and had a few pieces leftover, but not enough for another meal. I wanted to use them for dinner in some way. So I looked in my freezer and fridge to see what I had to work with. Here is what I came up with: a package of chicken sausages, green cabbage, a small bit of red cabbage, half a small onion, and one large carrot.

I prepped everything by cutting, grating and slicing it all up...

I heated up my large cast iron pan and added some avocado oil and tossed in the veggies. After they were soft I added the chicken sausages and the leftover chicken, added some spices and heated it all up. 


I also had a few slices of rye bread to use up so I spread it with butter and garlic and toasted it. Kind of an nontraditional version of garlic bread. But it was really good! 


We ate this for one dinner, and I had enough to put in a freezer container for a future dinner for my hubby (I added rice that I had previously cooked).

Not only was I able to use up the leftover chicken but also a few misc veggies and my bread; keeping my goal of being frugal by reducing food waste as much as possible.

Steps, Steps, Steps
I had my daily step goal set at 7000 steps. I was consistently getting more then that with several days over 10,000 steps, averaging between 8000 and 9000 steps. So now I've reset my daily goal to 10,000 steps. I like having something new to strive for as many days as I can.

View from my Deck
The clouds started rolling back in yesterday evening and today will be a little cooler but still very spring like. I don't think there will be much rain today and I'm seeing blue skies so that promises a few sun breaks (and a perfect day for walking! ).

Today's High 66, Low 50

That is all for this week! Hope you are having a fantastic week!


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