Menu Monday!

Happy Monday! Time for the weekly menu from my little homestead. My son came by this weekend and blessed me with sushi! I love sushi and he knows the way to my heart :). Due to this I did not make the chicken alfredo that I had planned so that is what we are having tonight.

The rest of the weeks is looking like this:

Or maybe better said, burritos. I have flour tortillas in the fridge that need to be used so we'll enjoy some tacos/burritos, a salad and some fruit.

Grilled Chicken
It's looking like it will be a warm week. I'm going marinate some chicken in Italian dressing and grill it on the barbecue. With this chicken I'll serve garlic toast and a big salad and orange slices.

I have the meatloaf already made and in the freezer ready to pop in the oven. I'll serve it with jasmine rice and roasted brussel sprouts and carrot slices.

That should do it for the week for us.

Happy menu planning! :)


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