Grocery Haul for Two and Cuban Pork Sandwiches

This week the only stop that was needed was a trip to Winco. It was a pretty simple and basic trip. I found canned beans on sale and stocked up the pantry with those. I am making beans more and more often as it's so quick in the Instant Pot, but there are times I love the convenience of having them on the shelf ready to go.

Here's the Winco haul: 


The fruits and veggies seemed like most of my items. The bag of oranges was $6.98. It said 8#'s of oranges but I weighed the bag and it was actually 9#'s :) making the cost .77 cents a pound which is a good price around here. The oranges have also been so sweet and good.

The rest was red leaf lettuce, mushrooms, peppers, carrots, spinach, apples and bananas. 


The rest of the haul was cereal, granola bars, the canned beans (8 cans over on the right side of pics), almond coconut milk, milk, half and half, cream cheese, corn starch, eggs and that little bag in the center..

Winco sells food in bulk bins. They have bags to scoop out the items you want and little twist ties to label. I purchased hemp seeds for smoothie making. Winco had them for $7.20 a pound and I got about 1/3 of a pound. The price on these was lower than what I had been seeing on Amazon. And it was nice to be able to buy only what I need.

The total cost for this weeks groceries was:

(I should mention that I round up my total prices to the next dollar amount
 for simplicity)


Now for this weeks recipe...

Cuban Pork Sandwiches

These were amazing. I had a loaf of rye bread in the freezer so I used that. Traditionally these sandwiches are made with sub sandwich rolls. We enjoyed them so much and I think the rye bread added to that enjoyment.

I used THIS recipe to make the pork. The flavors were delish. You also need ham slices (I used ham lunch meat), pickles, swiss cheese, and mustard. You pile all the ingredients onto your bread, butter the slices (I butter them and then put the buttered sides together, pile everything on top, and set the buttered side down on a hot frying pan and the other buttered side turned up on the top).

I am still toying with the idea of getting a panini press so in the meantime I took the advice of someone who commented back on my Reuben sandwiches to use something heavy on the sandwiches to give the same idea.. Here's what I did..

I let the sandwich heat up a bit then I flipped it. I put a dinner plate on top of it and then weighed it down with my other cast iron frying pan. Worked like a charm (but I think a press would be simpler, but hey, it worked! :)..

The end result was a fabulous sandwich that I served with a salad and some chips.

That's all for this week's Grocery Haul!


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