Wednesday Snap Shot

I've enjoyed a nice lazy morning today. Wednesday is my hubby's day off and we both decided to just take it slow this morning. But I'm up an at it now and just started my 2nd load of laundry and got the sheets changed and the kitchen cleaned. Not a bad start to my day :).

I had the best Mother's Day. It was totally unexpected by me. I'm not one who makes a big fuss on Mother's Day. I don't have expectations on my children and they know this. I've told my children what honors me the most is that you all live godly, God honoring lives. I don't need flowers or gifts or anything else like that. No matter what I always hear from them, one way or another. It may be a phone call, a text or a visit.

My oldest son called me on Saturday night and wanted to come up and spend the night. I said sure, no problem. He does this often as a way to get a break from his hectic life in the city. When he came he had some of my favorite things with him....

Sushi and cheesecake. I love sushi and I love cheesecake. He also brought strawberries and a couple other items. We spent the whole evening visiting and enjoying our sushi. The next morning was a beautiful sunny day and the two of us went for a 3 mile walk together. We talked, and talked. He left in the afternoon and I reflected on not only the awesome time we had together but the fact that this 35 year old man was the beginning of my motherhood journey. All in all it was a sweet time and I felt blessed.

Our selfie we took after our walk..

I've been wanting to do a little baking. It's hard because the two of us don't eat a lot of sweets but I figured it is the perfect opportunity to share the goodies with others and of course I can freeze things as well. But I like the idea of sending friends and family home with something homemade.

I decided to test out my new hand mixer and bake some some peanut butter oatmeal cookies.. 


And when my youngest son stopped by for a visit I was able to send him some home with him which he appreciated.  :)

I plan on continuing with my household chores today. I have 3 overripe bananas that are going to be turned into banana bread and I plan to make chicken alfredo for dinner tonight.

For the Love of Books!
I finished reading Pride and Prejudice and loved it. I've now started reading Oliver Twist and am enjoying that. I guess I'm still on my quest to read classic books. I started reading classics over a year ago as I was losing interest in so many other books I had been reading. I've enjoyed it so much.

In my Bible reading (I'm back to working my way through the Bible). I finished all the Gospels and have now started reading Acts.

Frugal Living
A couple weeks ago I purchased a large container of taco seasonings from Costco. I knew it was cheaper than buying the individual packets but I wanted to see how much cheaper. I did a price check at the grocery store for the packets and compared ounces and did the math.

The big bottle cost me $2.99.  It has 24oz in it.  A 1oz packet of McCormick taco seasonings from my local store is .48 cents. I saw a few brands that were more expensive than this and I know they do go on sale occasionally.  I also saw the store brand for .36 cents a packet.  

So in the end the big container is the equivalent of 24 packets. If I bought 24 packets the cost would be: $11.52. Or the store brand would have been $8.64 for 24 packets.  Either way, that's quite a savings!

I also weighed out 1 oz of seasoning and found it to be about 2 heaping tablespoons.

Steps, Steps, Steps
I was able to meet my 10,000 step goal 4 times since last Wednesday. And I got close to that a couple more times. Not a bad week!

View from my Deck
The clouds seem pretty thick today so I'm not sure if we'll see any sunshine or not. The nice thing is we've had several sunny days in a row so I'm ok with a little break.

For today: HIGH: 65 LOW: 54 and there's a chance of a thunderstorm

That is all for this week! Hope you are having a fantastic week!


  1. What a view! I can't wait for the kids to come in for dinner or party, just so I can cook and bake. Like you, my hubby and I don't eat as much as we did so I miss cooking somethings.


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