Menu Monday!

Good Morning! I hope your week is off to a great start. Usually Monday is grocery shopping day, but not this week. The weather is perfect for getting things done outside so that is the plan instead.

Last week was a bit crazy as far as menu planning went. I had 3 nights, in total, of leftovers and 1 night we ate with friends. I did not get the Mississippi Pot Roast made so that is back on the menu. I also did not get the Thai Chicken Rice bowl made. I'll push that one off until next week.

One thing I see with menu planning for two and diligence to use up leftovers and avoid food waste is that it's helped to fine tune how much food to make.

However sometimes things don't always go as planned. I think part of the reason is my appetite. After my surgery I had zero appetite. When I did start eating food it was in very, very small quantities. Things have improved but my servings are still small and I still have days that I simply have no desire to eat anything. I try to anyway but it's usually things like fruit or a salad. So I had that issue going on last week (not a lot of desire for food) and we ate with friends.

Today I'm in the mood for pizza, my favorite food :). I will make the pizza crust from scratch. I have a recipe that makes 3 crusts. I'm going to put 2 of them (the dough that is) in the freezer. I have a little bit of sausage to use and I plan to cook up some bacon to crumble on top. I have onions and olives too and I think 1 big mushroom to chop up and add. And I have mozzarella cheese in the fridge.

The rest of the weeks is looking like this:

Mississippi Pot Roast
Going to try and get this made sometime this week. HERE is the link to the recipe.  I'll serve salad and potatoes with this. 

Chicken Bacon Alfredo
I'll have some bacon to use after Monday nights pizza (I'll only need a half package or less for the pizza) and will add a little chicken to some homemade alfredo sauce.

Alfredo sauce is pretty easy to make and I think homemade tastes better than the can. 

 Melt a little butter in a fry pan, add some softened cream cheese (about equal parts butter and cream cheese), mix until smooth, add milk until it is the consistency you want. Salt and pepper to taste and add a little italian seasonings and a bit of parmesan cheese.

After the sauce is done I'll add in my cooked chicken and bacon and toss with some pasta. I'll serve a salad and french bread or garlic toast on the side.

That is all I'm planning for the week. If I end up needing another meal I can always do tacos or maybe make some tuna patties.


  1. Cooking for two seems harder than it ever did cooking for the whole crew. Seems like as we have gotten older we just don't eat as much. I fry chicken and it could be days before it's gone. Like you I hate to waste it. I'm still learning to cut

  2. This is unrelated, but was taking a coffee break from cleaning and read your article from 2014 on love and marriage. There is so much truth in every word you said. And you said it perfectly, each word sunk in just when I needed to remember those things. Lately I also have 2 thoughts on people in, what is it really like to be them, all they are doing and going through. Second, relate yourself to them as in thinking 'what is it really like to be married to me', or 'what is it really like to have me as a friend', and it puts things in a good perspective. One definite, there's no better word than God's word. Have a nice day.


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