Wednesday Snap Shot

Wednesday Snap Shot will have a little different look for awhile. When I'm back up and running again, I'll return to the previous format.

Happy last Wednesday of the month. Is it just me or does this month feel like it's flown on by?

This last week has been a nice week. The best news is my oldest daughter had her baby! She had a baby girl, Caylah Marie. I love the name. She was 13 days late. My daughter lives in Kentucky and so we were on the phone talking and texting the days prior to Caylah's birth and during her labor. She has had all of her children at home. But, this time the baby was in a very odd position with her should stuck in my daughters pelvis. She ended up having to have a c-section. Not the way she wanted it to go, but with a happy ending for both mama and baby, it was the best. Due to the complications Caylah had some breathing issues right after birth, but was soon over them. They are both home now and resting and recovering and doing well. 


Sunday was my birthday. Usually we go to the Oregon coast for my birthday but this year I was not quite up to walks on the beach and eating out. Soon I will be and we'll take a belated trip sometime later this year. My day was spent quietly with my children and loved friends calling and texting me and chatting. I enjoyed the day quite a bit.

We grocery shopped on Monday this week and picked up a few essentials and ran several errands. As my swallowing issues are improving I'm finally at the point I can enjoy a cup of coffee. So for the first time in several months we made a trip to Starbucks and I was able to get a cup of coffee. Funny how the smallest of things can make me feel like my life is getting back on track again. 


Steps, Steps, Steps
I was so excited this week for a couple reasons. I had one day with a little over 7000 steps, which is a new record (post surgery record) and I was able to do a 1 mile walk with Leslie Sansone. I visited her YouTube channel and saw she had some new walk videos up and picked out one that seemed pretty basic. I was quite proud of myself! :) You can see the walk I did HERE. I'm looking forward to trying that again soon. I had one day I also was able to walk a good distance down my road and back up to the house. Another record set for me. We have some nice weather in the forecast over the next few days and I'm hoping to get out and walk some more.

I have my best friend coming to visit me this weekend so today I'm going to dust and tidy up the guest room in preparation for her visit. 

I have a little cooking to do and a load of laundry to get done.  

Today's Weather
It has been so gray and wet here that when the weather lady on TV said we have some sun and a break in the rain for a couple days coming, I got so excited! Ha, ha.. Life in the Pacific Northwest is spent under a lot of cloud cover this time of year and it does get pretty old.

This morning's view from my deck shows a little blue sky! We may see some sunshine soon. 


Today's high, 55 Low, 39

Well that is all for this week's Wednesday Snap Shot! I hope you all are having a great week.


  1. Crystal, So glad life is getting back to normal for you! Congrats on the new granddaughter- she is beautiful! It has been such a gray and rainy winter here in GA but today is beautiful! Spring will come yet. Have a lovely visit with your friend.

  2. Congratulations on both the new granddaughter as well as your step goals! Good to see you back to regular posting.


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