Menu Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! Another week of menus and I've been trying to figure out what sounds yummy and easy to make. Hopefully this menu will fit the bill.

Tonight I'm making tacos. I have some soft flour tortillas that need to be used up and hamburger in my freezer. Plus I have all the extra trimmings in the fridge, the lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and salsa.

For the rest of the week here is my plan...

Chicken Soup
I'm going to make my new favorite version of chicken noodle soup. Instead of noodles I use pot stickers that I buy frozen from Costco. I add a little soy sauce or Yoshidas sauce to the chicken broth to give it a yummy Asian twist. I'll serve a salad and crackers with this.

Reuben Sandwiches
A couple weeks ago I found some rye bread on sale at Costco and grabbed the 2 loaf package and put it in the freezer. This week I'll get some corned beef or pastrami from the deli and some swiss cheese to make reubens. I'll serve coleslaw and chips on the side.

I did not get my pizza last week. To many other things happening and leftovers to finish up so I'm hoping this week we can have pizza. I've not had pizza since before my operation and I'm definitely craving it! :)

That should do it for the week!


  1. Your chicken soup variation sounds delicious!

  2. I'll do a blog post on when I make it.. it really is good! 🙂


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